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Pregnancy Massage: Your Benefits Along With Your Baby

The fact of being pregnant is quite a rising time in your life. You’re blooming, your skin is glistening and you are so excited to meet your little newborn.

Yet, like any woman who has carried a baby will confirm to you that there are some annoying aches and pains, as well. It’s not all classy maternity wear and a useful excuse for eating for 2.

Fortunately, a pregnancy massage is definitely becoming recognized as a typical treatment for mothers-to-be.

The point? To calm down the weight carrying areas, give you energy and let you feel less heavy and glowing.

woman getting a massage
Woman Getting a Massage

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Basically, the main focus is mostly on back pain, since, let’s be real; it could be hard to carry a little newborn. Furthermore, if you have another child to carry around, also.

It’s absolutely worth taking notes that pregnancy massages are typically for the stage of reaching 15 weeks. Just keep calm and be patient, 1st-trimester mothers-to-be!

pregnant woman with back pain
Pregnant Woman With Back Pain

However, once you’ve arrived at your spa or salon of choice, you will be given a drink. Your therapist might ask you to fill out a pre-treatment form which details any health issues or complications.

You will then be taken to a private treatment spare room, where your therapist would be able to help you find your perfect position on the specialized massage table. Since you have tender breasts and an increasing belly, lying flat on your face or back is not suitable!

Fortunately, many pregnancy massage tables have hollowed areas out and supportive pillows to be able to fit your changing shape.

Are you feeling comfortable? Perfect. With soft and mind strokes, your therapist would be using a series of pregnancy massage techniques to stimulate your blood circulation, decrease water retention and even relieve your stress.

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Must-Know Facts

It does not matter where you have chosen, your therapist would absolutely know which techniques do wonders to the mental and physical health, and indeed, which areas to just avoid.

If you actually have a set firm area that you want to actually focus on, consider it already done. Your therapist is actually there to aid you in making the best out of your pregnancy massage and your money’s worth.

Making perfect sense, the fact of carrying a baby puts plenty of stress on your body, starting from your neck to your abdominal muscles and above.

The therapeutic benefits of a pregnancy massage, in fact, include the relief of lower back pain, repeated headaches, edema, swelling and as well as stress.

However, it certainly isn’t just about giving your body a great thing to look forward to. A pregnancy massage is a great opportunity to have time and space for your body, mind, and soul in order to relax.

Meanwhile preparing for your newborn’s upcoming arrival, do not forget to take care of yourself as well. So book yourself a pregnancy massage as soon as possible today.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits For Your Baby

pregnant woman getting a massage
Pregnant Woman Getting a Massage

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It’ll be a

Tool To Help You And Your Baby’s Bond

Merging that all the important bond begins in the womb, thus, getting a mild pamper is able to really aid in improving the connection and bond between you and your unborn baby.

Around the 13th week, babies begin to respond to your touch, so it is absolutely the perfect time for your 1st session. You could remind them of it when they’re old enough to comprehend why mummy must have needed a massage.

It Decreases Stress, For Both Of You

You could be feeling pretty cool, calm and collected. On the other side, you could be feeling a bit more apprehensive about what’s going to be happening. Exactly how a massage is able to help you relax your muscles, it is as well, able to ease your mind too, which is yours and your unborn baby also.

Cause when you’re quite relaxed, they are able to sense it, and along, he or she unwinds with you. And keeping your little fetus de-stressed could aid them to keep your body healthy while the baby is in the womb.

It Has Post-Birth Benefits Also

Bare in mind that you’re free to keep on practicing until you’re pretty sure that a massage is really great for you to relax, yet while you’re at that point, just know that it is able to help your baby either before or post birthing.

So, getting a regular massage is able to help you keep somehow calm in advance of the baby’s big upcoming arrival. And when they’ve made their way into the world, if you’re feeling pretty cool, that’s quite relative your baby would gather the benefits. That’s just because those little ones of joy sense their mothers’ emotions. Pretty clever.

happy pregnant woman 1
Happy Pregnant Woman 1

Have you ever tried a pregnancy massage before? Share your experience with us!

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