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Preparing for Fatherhood: What New Mums and Dads Need to Know?

As a new mum or dad, it can be daunting preparing for fatherhood, i.e., the arrival of your little one.

While mums often have an easier time preparing—thanks to their experience with pregnancy, labour and delivery—there are many things that dads can do to help better prepare for fatherhood.

From practical advice to emotional readiness, here’s what you need to know about preparing for fatherhood.

Get educated about pregnancy & labour

Even if you’re not the one carrying your baby in your belly, it’s important that you understand the entire process of pregnancy and labour so that you can be a source of support when needed.

Preparing for fatherhood implies reading books, watch videos or take classes; whatever works best for you.

Knowing how long labour usually lasts, how the process works and what kind of pain relief options there are will help both you and your partner feel more confident during this special time.

Preparing for fatherhood: prepare yourself financially

Becoming a parent is expensive! Make sure that you have enough money saved up before the baby arrives. Then, your family won’t suffer any financial strain once they come home.

Consider cutting back on any unnecessary expenses now (like nights out at restaurants) so that you can start putting away money into savings each month.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all important documents are up-to-date and in order such as life insurance policies, wills etc.

Emotional preparation

While becoming a parent is exciting, it can also be quite overwhelming!

Even with all the preparation in the world, there will still be moments when everything feels chaotic and overwhelming; but don’t worry – this is normal!

It’s important to remember that emotions like stress and anxiety are completely valid feelings during this time; just make sure that you take care of yourself too.

Talk to other parents (and experienced dads!) about their experiences.

Having an understanding group around you who knows exactly what it feels like can make a huge difference in those first few days after welcoming a new baby into your family.


Taking steps like educating yourself about pregnancy & labour, being financially prepared and emotionally ready will ensure that both mums and dads are ready for the special day when their bundle of joy finally arrives!

With some planning ahead of time and lots of support from family & friends both during pregnancy as well as afterwards while adjusting to life as parents, anyone can become an amazing dad!

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