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Recommended Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

Recommended Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

Today, there is a variety of stay-at-home mom jobs to choose from. For mothers out there, it might be hard to think of adding another job in between the bathing, feeding and playing with your child.

Raise your children and earn with these stay at home mom jobs

Luckily, there are several opportunities and legitimate online jobs for moms out there who want to work at home while at the same time raising their children. Let us now take a close look at some of the recommended stay-at-home mom jobs.

Writer or editor

Working as a writer or editor is ideal for those who are creative, an experienced writer and has good Internet accessibility.

Today, several brands and companies are in search of individuals who can write and edit content for them. With this job, it will ensure flexibility in your workload. Although deadlines can be given, you can agree to tackle the task only if it fits with your schedule.

Customer service representative

As one of the popular stay-at-home mom jobs, being a customer service representative is ideal for someone who enjoys the interaction with people and has strong communication skills.

As one of the best jobs for stay at home moms, you are going to work hand in hand with a brand to work with their customers such as answering questions, keeping them satisfied and addressing issues. You need a telephone and good Internet access, although some companies might recommend a telephone headset. Additionally, it is one of the choices out there where you do not have to be a specialist.


Being a bookkeeper is suitable for someone who is highly organized, good with numbers and pays close attention to details.

With this job, you are going to record financial transactions, review financial records to ensure accuracy and update statements for clients. Since most of this work is executed individually, you typically meet with clients over the phone. This makes it one of the ideal stay-at-home mom jobs.

Virtual administrative assistant

For those who have good organizing skills, adept at arranging travel and skillful in handling complicated schedules, working as a virtual administrative assistant is a good option.

If you are going to work as a virtual administrative assistant, you are expected to handle various tasks such as answering emails, setting up appointments, arranging travel and other administrative tasks.

Online stylist

For fashionista moms out there who always keep up with the latest trends, love to go shopping and have a keen eye on arranging stylish outfits, working as an online stylist is one of the ideal stay-at-home mom jobs.

When working as an online stylist, you are going to put together an ideal look that is based on the client’s photo of their body type, their style, and goals. It all depends on the requirements of the client, whether it is an overhaul with his/her closet or an outfit for a special event.

Online coach

If you love to help others succeed in life, goal-oriented or motivational, being an online coach might be the right work from home jobs for you.

As an online coach, it involves checking clients and generating plans to help them reach their objectives. If you are considering this as a stay at home job, try to think about your strengths and specialize in a specific niche that you are truly passionate about.

With the help of communication tools such as Skype and FaceTime, it is now easy to set up a coaching job at home, without meeting your clients in person.


For former teachers who have experience in various subjects or even a foreign language, working as an online tutor can be a suitable job.

With this job, you are going to educate children basic skills, assist with homework and provide practice tests to prepare for an exam. Since the lessons are online, you can create a schedule that your students can follow.

Final thoughts

When it comes to stay-at-home mom jobs, you have a variety of options when it comes to working at home opportunities to choose from nowadays. For mothers who want to raise their children but eager to work, these jobs are suitable choices to choose from.

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