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5 Ideal Cheap Baby Shower Ideas

5 Ideal Cheap Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are often being celebrated within these modern days. You can see and hear a lot of soon to be parents busy preparing their stuff for their baby. Soon, you’ll notice them buying stuff and other needed materials for the big event even before the baby comes out! Take note that this kind of celebration is often treated with the “Gender Reveal” party for their baby which may also be quite an expensive thing to do. Nonetheless, if you are soon to be parents you will want what’s best for your child even if he or she is still in your wife’s tummy. 

If you are on an average baby shower budget and looking for some cheap baby shower ideas or cheap baby shower decorations homemade. We have something in in-stalled for you in right in this article. We hope to help you in building some grand yet cheap and tight-budgeted celebration for your baby shower! And might help your friend when to start buying baby stuff for your babies!

5 Ideal Cheap baby shower ideas  

Find a Free Venue

The venue is the most important thing in setting up every celebration. If you are looking for baby shower venues on a budget. Then you should probably consider hanging by a free venue spot near your place or in some places. Sure, there are a lot of free’s most especially in some gardens and Parks. It could also be one great idea for outdoor baby shower ideas for a boy (In case your baby is a boy). Research also through the internet for some ideas about where to have a baby shower so you will be guided. 

Use Resourceful Materials

You don’t have to buy another set of materials for the baby shower. It will eventually run for about half a day or even three hours! Baby shower decoration ideas can be creative as much as you can. Create some homemade baby shower decorations table and design it the way you like it! Besides, if you use resourceful things and materials. You are not only helping out yourself tight with the budget, but you are also helping out the environment! Hitting two birds with one stone. Don’t you think?

Grab some DIY materials

Nowadays, Diy’s are one of the most common tools whenever someone will have their parties and events. DIY parties and events are one perfect example of simple baby shower decoration ideas and some small work baby shower ideas. Do it yourself ideas are fun to do and create with. Note too that, it could be one way to spend your Family Date Nights or Family bonding while waiting up for your little munchkin. You can consider it as a husband-wife date night!

Cupcakes instead of cakes 

Cupcakes are easy to eat and distribute rather than cakes (Preferably). Well, if you are really on a tight budget and have following your baby shower budget worksheet, then you should go with cupcakes! Somehow, it is not quite a big deal if you won’t be having a baby shower cakes into parties. What’s most important is that everyone is happy and everyone else is enjoying the event. 

Digital invites are in!

You can now send invitations through emails and even Facebook! Perhaps, just create an event on Facebook and get to know will be attending and who can never make it. This is one great example of being in a tight budget yet wise enough on how to encourage their guests. Don’t worry, ’cause you’re still going to get those top-notch funny baby shower gifts!


Nothing’s wrong when being in a tight budget. Most people recommend that kind of thing because it much wiser and much practice to do. You don’t have to spend a lot of money since you will still have more important events to come along with your baby. Now go and get ready for your best summer baby shower dress!

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