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Risks and Dangers of Piercings While Pregnant

Risks and Dangers of Piercings While Pregnant

A pregnant mother should not concede on the fashionable style and appearance. During pregnancy, a woman is told to abstain from so many things. There is a high feeling of deprivation which sometimes can lead to depression. Pregnant women must spend time, effort, and money to stay beautiful and maintain high confidence. The mindset will help stimulate the better development of the baby inside her womb.

One of the trendy fashion among women is piercing to a rare body part to stay confident and secure. However, piercing while pregnant can be dangerous and highly risky since your body is meeting a lot of changes.  During pregnancy, your body is susceptible to infections and illness that can affect the progress of pregnancy and the development of the fetus.

Pregnancy is making the skin more sensitive than usual. There are different types and kinds of piercings. Each can potentially affect your body in different ways as you experience changes. Most especially if you know that you will soon be undergoing cesarean delivery, piercings may not be allowed by the doctor.

Is piercing while pregnant safe?

Although many can justify that every woman have different strength and immunity of the skin, but the straightforward answer is a ‘no.’ The high risk that you can get if you allow piercing in your body during pregnancy is the plausibility of getting infection that can affect your baby. Even the professional piercers would not execute piercing if they knew you are pregnant.

Remember that your body will be struggling with the numerous changes that can even affect your psychosocial aspect. Do not more challenge to bear because it can affect the development and growth of the unborn baby.

Essential tips of piercing while pregnant

There is an expectant mother that may not accept the recent discussion that piercing is not allowed during pregnancy. It is because for them piercing is a way of life that can increase confidence, strengthen mindset, and a part of a woman.

Here are some key ideas that you should ponder if you cannot avoid piercing while pregnant:

1. The fact is that most post in the body is acceptable for piercing. But you should avoid piercing in your breast, belly or genitalia. These spots will experience dramatic changes during your pregnancy. Damage that will result in infection can happen around the piercing spot during pregnancy and delivery.

2. Look only for an accredited body piercer with a good reputation with a clean work area. Make sure that all the tools the piercer is using for piercing are cleaned and sterilized after each use. Make sure that the piercing needles should be from a sealed package in front of you to ensure safety. Ensure that the body piercer is wearing gloves and clean the piercing site before piercing the skin. The bandages like the veil should come from a sterile, and factory-sealed pouch.

Body parts that piercing might be inexistent that you should be careful

There are women that may have piercing already even before they get pregnant. Here are some tips you can consider to stop the worry and manage the existing piercing.

Belly button piercings

As your baby develops inside your womb, the belly will also expand. The belly piercing can cause wounds and infections. Try to consider the use of a curved-plastic barbell. The flexible bars can bend while your belly grows. You can also wear them during the ultrasound because it is not harmful.

Nipple piercings

During pregnancy, the breasts will become tender. Although you do not need to remove the piercings, during the time you want to feed the baby, you should take out all jewelry. They may struggle when they start to latch if the piercing is present in the nipples. The baby can damage his gums, tongue, and palate, which can disturb the breastfeeding session.

You need to persevere with the extra care if you don’t want to remove your piercings in the nipples. The wound that can be developed by the mother and the baby can be vulnerable to infections.

Clitoral piercings

During pregnancy, the clitoral piercing may not yet be harmful, although it may start to make you feel uncomfortable. As the pregnancy progresses, your genitals will also swell and become sensitive because that blood flow is increased around your pelvis.

During birth delivery, the midwife will be asking you to remove the clitoral piercing. There is a high risk that the baby might get caught when the baby comes out in the vagina.

The takeaway about piercings while pregnant is that better to be highly cautious and prioritize safety during pregnancy or be sorry. The topmost priority during pregnancy is the health and safety of the mother and the baby.

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