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Working out while Pregnant

Working out while Pregnant

Most of the soon-to-be mothers benefit greatly from working out. If you are a pro-fitness woman, it just really sticks in your system to work out. You have body goals to achieve and you are used to this habit since then. But what happens when you become pregnant? Would you still take a break from the extreme workout regimes during pregnancy? Some would say they would ditch the gym first and focus on pregnancy, and some would continue.

There is nothing wrong if you want to stay fit while you are having a child inside your tummy, though you just need to establish some changes and have limits to your usual exercise routine. If you are a mum and you want to work your way out to remain fit, this article will discuss how to establish exercise plans and the advantages and disadvantages of working out during pregnancy. This will also discuss some pregnant bodybuilders and how would it affect the baby in their tummy.

What are the benefits of working out while pregnant 

Exercising does give a person a lot of benefits. It is undeniably a good practice for everyone. If a person establishes working out routine, he or she would become healthier and most likely burn calories. However, such working out is limited to pregnant women, but it is recommended by their doctors as well. Here are the benefits a pregnant woman can get when she is working out.

  • She Will Feel A Lot Better 

course, it is prone to pregnant women to feel a little uncomfortable and strange in their bodies. It is normal because being pregnant entails a lot of stress and pains. However, exercise can increase her energy level, and appropriate exercise can relieve back pain, lessen constipation, and helps a pregnant sleep better.

  • She Will Look Healthier

helps a pregnant woman increase the blood flow to her skin and in result, giving her a healthier glow.

  • Preparation of Body for Giving Birth

fit body and tough muscles can ease the pains during the labor and delivery of the baby. It can also give a pregnant woman a healthy heart and lungs to help control breathing to manage pain when giving birth. If she will be having lengthy labor, no need to worry about the endurance because it is already increased.

  • Can Regain Pre-pregnancy More Quickly

is expected that when you are pregnant, you are most likely to gain weight. But, if a pregnant woman develops an exercise habit, she will lose fatty weights. But always remember that the goal is to remain fit even if it doesn’t entail losing a lot of weight because it is impossible to lose much weight because you need to eat for your baby.

  • Lower the Risk of Gestational Diabetes 

pregnant women are experiencing Gestational Diabetes and if she will exercise, she would most likely lessen the risk of having diabetes.

A little exercise is beneficial most especially for pregnant women. Though it may be hard at times, you just have to try once in a while. But always remember to just perform workouts that are recommended by doctors and no heavy lifting. It is a no-no to have a very strenuous exercise during pregnancy.

Is it safe to work out? 

Yes, it is safe to exercise when a woman pregnant and it is highly recommended by the doctors. It is suggested to remain active when you are pregnant. However, pushing yourself physically while you are pregnant is not a good belief. Extreme work out to the extent of bodybuilding is not recommended by the experts. You should always know your limits and when to stop.

Your doctor will most likely tell you to remain fit throughout pregnancy and will help you lose some unwanted fats that are bad for your baby. It will not lead you to miscarriage if you just do the appropriate exercises.

Warning exercises to avoid while pregnant

While there are a lot of strenuous activities to avoid while pregnant, such as horseback riding, scuba diving, or any sports that usually involves the exertion of so much effort, there are also a lot of things to avoid if you consider exercising while you are pregnant. These are examples of bodybuilding. Here are the common warning activities every bodybuilder pregnant women must avoid.

  • Heavy Squatting

women don’t need to sit around on their butts while pregnant. It’s even more dangerous when she is squatting while lifting a heavy dumbbell. These will make serious problems and complications during pregnancy.

  • Lifting for Two

remember that when you are pregnant, you should always take into consideration about limiting your usual work out. And by limiting, lifting weights that are twice your weight does not always do right when you are pregnant. Lightweights can be acceptable but to just make it clear and safer, it’s better to just avoid it. Wait until you delivered your baby and you can do much once again.

  • Too Many Pull-Ups

Sit-ups could be a type of workout that is not advisable unless otherwise, you are already in shape having enough weight while pregnant. Of course, your doctor’s advice will always matter.

  • Bouncing

is just the same with jumping. Of course, when you are pregnant, you are not allowed to keep on jumping.

These are just some of the common no-can-dos exercises that pregnant women must observe. It is fine to exercise once in a while, but not to the extent of bodybuilding. It not advisable and it could cause so much trouble for the baby inside your tummy.

Who should not exercise while pregnant? 

If you are pregnant and you have some serious medical problems even before you got pregnant, you better decide to just limit your workout. Medical problems such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease are not advisable. Other exercises may also be very dangerous if you have these pregnancy-related conditions:

  • If you are experiencing bleeding or even spotting. This could be very dangerous that needs medical attention that’s why women who experience bleeding and spotting, must avoid working out
  • Low Placenta. This is serious as it involves the blood
  • Previous Miscarriage. You did have a miscarriage before, it is better not to perform exercises as it turns out that you are actually in a high-risk pregnancy.
  • Weak Cervix. The cervix also indicates that you are not allowed to do any strenuous activities regardless.

Bottom line 

No matter how active your lifestyle was when you are not pregnant, such practice should always be limited when you are pregnant. Even if some doctors recommend aerobics or slight exercises during pregnancy, cautions must always be observed in doing so.

If you consider working out, exercising or doing strenuous activities throughout your pregnancy, just make sure to avoid becoming extremely tired out. Just limit everything and do it once in a while. Everything will be fine and will go well.

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