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Getting Rid of Baby Pouch: Non-equipment Exercises

Having a child is such an amazing and beautiful journey any woman could experience in a lifetime. Yet, not all can be so good from the laboring stage to the effects on the body after giving birth. Having a child is an extra blessing, yet another extra could be added like the extra flab. One of the most complained is the ‘mommy tummy’ issue. The extra fat is referred to here is the one that goes around the mom’s belly button. It may seem impossible how to get rid of the baby pouch, however, there are fabulous activities and or exercises to shred off such belly fats.

Below, are the chosen effective exercises that any mom can do without a need for equipment or the ways to lose the baby pouch!

1. Bicycle crunches

This exercise is a good way to blast the stomach’s extra fats away since they will be engaging in the muscles of your belly. While it is a nice feeling upon knowing that you are working on those ab muscles, it also means that you will experience the burn while this exercise, as well as after of course. To demonstrate this move, you have to lie flat on your back, positioned your shoulders on the floor, put your hand right behind your back and your legs would be a 90-degree angle. Next, bring one of your knees towards your chest area, turn your shoulders, then bring the counter elbow right across your body as it meets your knee. Next thing, do it alternately with the other elbow and knee, then repeat the process. Take note, in turning your shoulders you must use your abs to maximize the effectiveness of the workout.

2. Reverse crunch

If you desire for chiseled abs or flat tummy, simple crunches couldn’t help you. You need to have other workouts and also the reverse crunch as a better option for the simple crunch. Lie on the floor as your palms are facing down, your back should be flat. Move your knees next to your chest as you raise your hips off the floor, began to crunch your knees as your toes are reaching towards the ceiling. Gradually, lower your legs back to the initial position and then repeat. The keynote here is to use your core muscles in lifting your hips and legs, to be able to work correctly with your Ab muscles. You can repeat this as much as you could.

3. Plank twists

As a first-time parent, you may be so busy with kinds of stuff. But, if you wish to engage your angle in melting the fats at the side area of your tummy, then you must try the plank twists. This can be a slayer, but indeed effective in hitting the side stomach muscles. You may begin with the simple plank position at the beginning where your hands are directly under your elbows and feet being stretched right behind you. Next, bend your right knee as you carry it over to the left portion of your body as you twist your hips where your right foot gets inside your left knee. Go back to your right foot from the initial position, demonstrate the same move with the leg, then do have some repetitions. Assure that your abs have been engaged in lifting your leg over your body to be more effective. This is indeed a very reliable way on how to get rid of the baby pouch.

4. Windshield wipers

This exercise will not only target your abs but the whole obliques of the hips also, leading to becoming a great belly exercise. To start with, lie on your back as your arms are towards your side with the face down palms and legs. Then, you can lift your legs straight up and over your hips too. About 45 degrees, slowly lower your legs towards the left, carry them back upright over your hips, then lower them to your right. You can repeat on the different sides, see to it that you have made yourself stabilized by the use of your arms, while your upper body is kept on the mat.

5. Scissor kicks

This workout can be described as a brutal one, yet its effectiveness and power are quite incredible. This can be the perfect way of blasting your flabby belly off. To start, as your legs are straight lie on your back, your palms face down as you are at the side. Then, lift your legs comfortably-assuring your back is positioned firmly on the mat. If you observe some pains in your back, you have to lift your legs even higher until the ache is gone. Have your legs out wide like a ‘V’ sign, bring them in while your right foot is crossed over the other.  Open again in the same ‘V’ position, this time it’s our left foot that will be over the other. Repeat this workout while the foot is crossing over alternately. In the beginning, you may only perform a few, but as you keep doing you can do even more of this very sufficient exercise.

Bonus exercises:

Dead bugs

Lay on your back while lifting your legs and arms. Bend your knees at an angle of 90-degree. Extend your left arm to your right leg, bring them to the original position. Do this alternately. You can have some dumbbells or medicine balls as an option to make this exercise more challenging.

Hollow hold.

As you lay your back, lift both arms and legs a few inches from the floor. Push the back towards the ground as you contract your abs and hold. To be fancier, you can do back and forth rolling. Don’t forget to contact your abs while doing so, hence this motion is much controlled.

Getting back to your original body after giving birth like how to get rid of the baby pouch, is not as hard as you think. Research shows that if a mom would soon exercising right after giving birth, she can get multiple health benefits. Not just becoming fit, but also it helps in reducing the threats of postpartum depression.

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