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Safe Sports for Pregnant Women What Kind of Sport Can i do While Pregnant

Are you one of those soon to be mothers who are asking themselves, “what kind of sport can I do while pregnant?” Many pregnant women are doing their favorite sports while they are on their pregnancy journey. You have to keep in mind that there are some sports which are highly recommended for pregnant women. Here are some of the sports that you can consider even though you are carrying your little bundle of joy.


What kind of sport can I do while pregnant? Well, one of the recommended things that you can do is to go swimming. Many experts say that swimming is the safest sport that pregnant women can do. This sport can help you keep your body at its finest tone without adding too much stress on your joints. This is also considered a safe cardiovascular routine, which is essential for your heart.


If you are still asking yourself, “what kind of sport can I do while pregnant,” maybe you can choose the sport running, but you have to take note that if you are not doing this before your pregnancy, then it is advisable to ask your healthcare provider about this matter. If your doctor agrees with you, you have to make sure that you are always hydrated and you are wearing proper shoes to ensure your safety.


If you are still thinking of the sport that you can do during your pregnancy, then bicycling is an excellent option for you. It is recommended for pregnant women because the bike that you are going to use can support your weight. But you have to make sure that you are safe and you prevent yourself from falling. Keep in mind that once your belly starts to grow, you will have a higher risk of falling.


Another thing that you can do is to go walking. This is considered one of the safest ways to keep your body healthy. Compared to running, walking is easier for your knees. Another great thing about walking is the fact that it is easier to perform compared to other sports. But you have to remember that before you start doing this routine, make sure that you do the stretching very well. Just like running, you have to make sure you are using the right shoes and attire to ensure your safety.


What kind of sport can I do while pregnant? Yoga is one of the best options for you. This is essential in removing pressure and stress on your body. Yoga is proven to be safe for you and the baby inside you. You can ask your yoga instructor about the possible yoga acts and classes recommended for pregnant women.


Even though you are pregnant, you can still opt for aerobics. But you have to make sure that before you start, your healthcare provider will allow you to participate in this activity. When you are pregnant, keeping a balance is sometimes tricky, so you have to be careful. It is advisable if you take an aerobics class, which is specially created for pregnant women.

Sports to avoid during pregnancy

For all the soon to be moms who are in love with sports like volleyball, horseback riding, and other hardcore fitness moves, you have to be aware that you are not allowed to do these games while you are on your pregnancy journey. The risks associated with these games can harm you and your baby. These games require you to use lots of strength, which is not suitable for your body.

When is it not recommended to play games and do some exercise routines?

If you find yourself dealing with the following situation, then you are not allowed to play any games or to perform any exercise:

  • If you experience miscarriage
  • If you are experiencing the signs of giving birth prematurely
  • If you have had continuing bleeding
  • If you are dealing with hypertension
  • If you experience lower back pain
  • If you are expecting more than one baby

Are you excited to see your little bundle of joy, but you also have a hard time deciding whether is it okay to engage in some sports? In addition to this, you are still asking yourself, “what kind of sport can I do while pregnant?” You don’t have to worry because the sports mentioned above are considered safe for the soon to be moms out there. 

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