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Is Walking Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Walking Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time where you should take extra precautions in making sure every activity and the food you eat is necessary and good for the well-being being of your baby. Exercising is no exception, it is advisable but at the same time, there are specific exercises that should only be used because they are more appropriate for pregnant women. 

Pregnancy is a serious period of taking extra measures to improve your well-being, as your body is adjusting to the demands of normal life homeostasis to motherhood. There are some good ways to stay fit, and one of them is walking, now let’s dive deep into the essence of walking during pregnancy.

Walking: an easy way to exercise. 

When a person thinks of the word exercise, he or she might think of rigorous, complex and gym-like exercises such as bungee jumps, curl-ups, push-ups, you name it. On the contrary, exercise is any form of physical activity that requires full mental and muscle coordination.

Walking is one of the most common forms of exercise, it is just the movement of your legs that enables you to travel distance, walking is a good cardio exercise, it has a low low-intensity to compared to jogging which is a more rigid form of cardio and fat burning workout.

Walking: general benefits 

Humans are specifically hardwired to be as active as possible, our ancestors before we’re active walkers throughout their lives compared to the stagnant life of modern society we have today, modern stagnation has paved the way in numerous diseases that stem from the lack of active lifestyle

Walking is a good way to exercise your body and studies have shown that walking has numerous amounts of positive effects, some of the health benefits of walking are:

  • Increased pulmonary and cardiovascular strength and endurance
  • Improved balance
  • Improved spine posture
  • Reduced body fat percentage
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, stroke, cholesterol
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels

Walking: benefits for pregnant women

Walking is a specific locomotor exercise that is safe for pregnant women, it is also proven that walking has specific benefits for pregnant women, lactating women and women who are trying to conceive, some of the benefits of walking for pregnant women are:

  • Walking can meet your body’s needs of active physical wellness, most pregnant women prefer to stay at home and be as stagnant as possible, due to the old wives tale of having pregnant women stay only in one place and be comfortable as possible, it can actually alleviate pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness or nausea, walking is a great exercise that makes sure your body is active.
  • Like what is said before, walking can lower the chances of you have night hot flashes and can lower the chances of having intense pelvic pain, muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Walking, especially with your loved ones can lower stress hormones in your body making you feel happier, energized and relaxed at the same time.
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  • Walking during pregnancy can increase your chances of having a well-developed baby.
  • Walking during pregnancy can increase your cardiovascular, pulmonary, respiratory health and wellness, walking can increase the chances of you having pulmonary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases by 20 percent.
  • Walking improves bone density, joints and the muscles around your pelvic area, joint and pelvic pain are common during pregnancy and it helps decrease the chances of having one.
  • Overeating can be a cause of weight gain during pregnancy and walking can help decrease your fat percentage by burning your fat and calories.
  • Walking during pregnancy decreases the chances of you having inflammatory, viral and bacterial infections, especially if you live in a colder climate, symptoms will usually decrease by 50%
  • Walking during pregnancy can help alleviate the symptoms of fluctuating hormonal levels and boosts your serotonin levels or the “happy” hormone which could result in a better mood and appetite for the rest of the day.
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  • Walking during pregnancy can increase muscle strength around the leg area improving your muscular endurance and at the same time, it tones up your legs.

Best Places to walk for pregnant women

Walking is an exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime, depending on your country, climate and geographical location, as long as the place is safe and your with your relatives or spouse while walking, you can be fine, some places to walk to our parks, eco-forests, malls, and other places with relaxing environment and full of trees.

It is also important to look for signs that it is a safe place to walk to, make sure to walk only in pedestrian lines and walking paths with well-lit light.

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However, if you live in certain areas such as the metropolitan city where it is always busy and there’s no place to walk to, you can always hit the gym and try treadmills.

Also, it is important to try walking in a time period where UV or Ultraviolet radiation is at less risk of harming you, especially if you live on the equator or a hot country, it is best to walk during sunrise and sunset where the UV radiation is at its lowest.

If you still want to walk in a hot sunny day always make sure to wear sunscreen that has no FDA-banned ingredients, make sure it is natural and a physical type of sunscreen, try avoiding chemical and spray on sunscreens as it can pose a risk to your baby, also wear a hat, sunglasses and protective but loose clothing.

Things to do before walking

Before starting the exercise, be sure you have eaten your meal, drink plenty of water, be sure to wear appropriate clothes to wear.

if it’s cold outside, put on some sweaters and if it’s got wear loose clothing, choose a preferably nature-themed path and make sure to check the walking route, also it is best to walk with someone instead of going alone to make sure you have assistance if anything goes wrong.

You can also try putting your best effort in getting affordable and comfortable shoes to walk on, it is also recommended for you to wear a pedometer to track down your step counts.

Final verdict

So is walking a really good pregnancy exercise?

Walking is a fun exercise suitable for mothers. It is an ideal way to make sure your body is getting enough active lifestyle to ensure that your pregnancy is at an optimal level.

walking for mothers like you greatly benefits your cardiovascular, pulmonary and respiratory system, it is not a hard or vigorous exercise to do, it can also build a sense of bond and companionship especially if you’re walking with your friends, relatives or you’re sure, it requires no dollar to spend on.

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At the end of the day, walking can fulfill the daily recommended exercise for pregnant women. Walking is a safe, healthy and fun so you should do it!

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