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Saggy Breasts: Why Breasts Tend to Droop After Breastfeeding and How to Prevent it?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are both considered as big factors that can contribute to the changes that are happening to a woman’s body. Throughout your pregnancy, you will notice lots of changes and body shifts. Additional changes will come after the delivery and breastfeeding. One of the changes that many women are experiencing is sagging breasts. But why do these saggy breasts happen? Why breasts tend to droop after breastfeeding and how to prevent it? Well, it is better to find out.

What are the possible causes of the saggy breasts?

Before dealing with the issue of saggy breasts or why breasts tend to droop after breastfeeding and how to prevent it, it is advisable to know the possible factors that can trigger the growth and development of this condition. Many factors can be considered as the cause of this issue. To help you gain more knowledge about saggy breasts, here is the list of its possible cause that you should take note of:

  • Your weight can be a great factor. Women with higher weight can have a higher chance to acquire this condition because they have larger breasts compared to those women with lower body mass index.
  • Smoking. Yes, smoking is also considered as a great factor that can increase the chance of acquiring this condition. Smoking can cause loss of the skin’s elasticity that’s why smokers are said to have a higher chance to develop these saggy breasts.
  • Heredity and genes. Genetics also plays an important role in developing saggy breasts.
  • The number of times you become pregnant. You have to keep in mind that the more kids you have, the higher the chance to have this condition because your breasts are more stretched out.
  • Age. You have to take note that this condition is part of the aging process. This is more possible after the menopausal stage when the women’s hormone changes which can affect the volume and the structure of your breast’s tissues.
  • Exercise without proper support. An exercise that requires lots of breast movement can also be considered as the cause of saggy breasts.

Why breasts tend to droop after breastfeeding and how to prevent it?

Breastfeeding is considered as the number one contributor for saggy breasts but you have to take note that it is not breastfeeding alone. But why breasts tend to droop after breastfeeding and how to prevent it? The size and shape of your breasts are more likely to change before and after your breastfeeding journey. Once your baby is born, rest assured that your breasts will be filled with milk which can stretch your breasts’ skin. After your breastfeeding journey, your milk will dry up and your breasts will become smaller and saggy. If your breasts tissue droop, your breasts will surely look saggy. To help you prevent saggy breasts, here are some of the tips that you should consider.

Manage your weight

In managing your weight, you don’t necessarily need to lose or gain weight. All you need to do is to maintain your healthy weight. A consistent weight can prevent sagging of the breasts and it can also make your breasts firmer.

Use a comfortable bra

You have to ensure that you are using a comfortable bra. Your breasts should be well-supported especially when you are doing some workouts or exercise routines.

Quit your smoking habits

There is no doubt that smoking can accelerate a woman’s aging process. Aging is considered one of the contributors to acquiring this condition.

Exercise (with proper support)

Exercising regularly can help you prevent the drooping of your breasts. The muscles below the breasts which are commonly called pectorals is the benefactor of exercising or working out. Toning of these pectorals can help your breasts look more lifted. Push-ups and chest presses can be an excellent addition to your exercise routines.

Encourage the good posture

Poor posture can lead to unsupported breasts. If you are not aware of good posture, then you are more likely to acquire saggy breasts. As much as possible, you need to encourage a good posture by keeping your shoulder and spine straight.

Women can do amazing things including giving birth and breastfeeding their little bundle of joy. Breastfeeding is always associated with different changes and one of these changes is the saggy breasts. Why breasts tend to droop after breastfeeding and how to prevent it? We hope that this article can enlighten you and make you more knowledgeable in dealing with this situation.  

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