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8 Tips to Prevent Sagging Breasts After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly one of the most marvelous things you can do for your little one. Nothing beats the joy of nursing them and giving them sufficient nutrients for their wellbeing. Breastfeeding as a lovely thing can also have downsides, it can cause mayhem to your breasts. You can’t help but gain weight during your pregnancy, the same thing goes with your breasts. Breasts gradually increase in size and it can be even more proud during breastfeeding. There are different factors on how your breasts change during breastfeeding, it can be based on your milk supply and feeding pattern. Naturally, these will result in a drastic change in your breasts as the deed causes the skin in the breasts to stretch until it slowly sags. This scenario is, of course, unpleasant for most women as it can be difficult to have their breasts return to its glory once breastfeeding is over. So, are there any means to prevent sagging breasts after breastfeeding? Read further to know!

Get an exceptional supportive bra.

While you are expecting until your delivery, it is recommended to wear a supportive bra. Your breasts will inevitably weigh more during this period as it will begin to produce milk and you also gain weight at the same time. Thus, it is right to have them supported. It is essential to have a good quality supportive bra for all expectant and breastfeeding moms, and it must fit perfectly. It should hold your breasts steadily in place in an upright position and you should feel comfortable wearing it. The best way to make sure you are wearing the right supportive bra is to get a fitting from an expert. Once you have found the perfect bra, you can prevent your breasts from sagging after breastfeeding.

Have a good breastfeeding stance.

Are you one of those moms who commonly lean over their baby while breastfeeding? Well, to tell you, this has an unpleasant effect on your breasts. Instead, you must resort in a nursing pillow or another way of foundation to bring your baby up to breast level. This is a good way to make sure you have the right breastfeeding posture. Moreover, avoid slouching and aiming your breast down to your baby. Follow this simple posture while putting your breast in place for breastfeeding to prevent your breasts from sagging after breastfeeding.

Get your hands in those moisturizers.

To help your breasts keep their elasticity intact, you should apply moisturizer on it. Keeping your breasts moisturized will make them supple and will prevent breast sagging after breastfeeding. What you need to do is apply cocoa butter, Vitamin E oil, or shea butter on your breasts at least two times a day. Do this during the morning and at night time to guarantee they are thoroughly moisturized all the time. This will not only enhance the elasticity of the breasts but will also keep the skin tight and further reduce the appearance of stretch marks which is commonly prospering on the breasts.

Gently massage them with cold and hot water.

Do you have an idea that cold water helps with tightening and toning your skin while hot water improves blood circulation? While you are enjoying some time under the shower in the morning or night, shift the water between cold and hot while gently massaging your breasts. Take note that always finish your shower with cold water. You can also opt to rub down your breasts with a warm soft cloth with some ice cubes as an alternative. Just make sure you are not overdoing it where you numb your breasts already.

Drink plenty of fluids – water!

We have emphasized that you should keep your breasts moisturized but you also have to make sure that your whole body is well hydrated. This is another good way to prevent your breasts from sagging after breastfeeding. Having good hydration during and after your pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding can keep your skin to be nourished and have that youthful appearance. This will also stop those not-so-good premature wrinkles that usually happen when you are dehydrated over a long period.

Eat right!

It is said that moms who are breastfeeding must eat more fruits and vegetables than average. Having the right diet that is packed with healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein while you are breastfeeding can help you provide your body with the necessary nutrients required for connective tissues and healthy skin. You can also consume more butter and egg yolk which are rich in arachidonic acid. This powerful agent is proven to play a vital role in facilitating the formation of junctions between skin cells making the breasts firm and prevent it from sagging after breastfeeding.

Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Getting your ass back to fitness sesh can be difficult. It is something that you can least think about but exercising is the best way to prevent your breast from sagging after breastfeeding. Engaging in regular exercise will help you reduce the number of fats in your body which will further make your skin firm. This is not just in the case of breastfeeding moms but to those who are in their early and mid-stage of their pregnancy as well – do some moderate exercise also. Importantly, you must lose weight gradually and not all at once to prevent rapid weight loss which can have a negative effect in the long run.

And…lastly, make use of a supportive band during a fitness sesh.

We recommend using a supportive band while you are exercising to hold your breasts in place. This can be apparent to aerobic exercises such as yoga, jogging, and running. This is because while exercising, your breasts will obviously move and will naturally put a strain in the cooper’s ligaments. It is the connective tissue that sometimes causes pain resulting in the stretching of the breasts’ skin. This will likely make your breast to sag. Thus, we strongly suggest using a supportive band while you exercise to prevent your breast from sagging after breastfeeding. 

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