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Breasts after Pregnancy: Do Breasts Stay Large after Pregnancy?

Being a mother is always associated with a lot of changes. One of the changes that you might experience is having large breasts and body after pregnancy. During the women’s pregnancy, their breasts are more likely to swell and get bigger than usual because they are preparing for breastfeeding. But one of the main questions that every woman asks is, “do breasts stay large after pregnancy?” Well, let’s find out!  

Women’s breasts during pregnancy 

Before dealing with the question, “do breasts stay large after pregnancy,” it is best to know what happens to your breast during your pregnancy. When we are dealing with pregnancy, our body is still adjusting and preparing for the growing fetus. The growth of your breasts is part of the preparation of milk supply for your little one.

You will notice that your nipples, as well as the skin around your nipples, are turning brown during pregnancy. This is more likely because of the hormonal changes that your body is currently experiencing. The darker color of your nipple is said to be the best way for the newborns to find out where to latch for breastfeeding since they are still developing their sense of sight. You also have to take note that during this stage, your breasts will become more sensitive and tender. Some women may even notice some stretch marks around their breasts.  

Do breasts stay large after pregnancy? 

Right after your delivery, you will notice that your breasts will become bigger and heavier compared when you are still pregnant. This is more likely because of the blood supply and the milk that your breasts are producing. One or two weeks after your baby’s delivery; your breasts will return to their size when you are still pregnant. They will remain in that size until you stop your breastfeeding. You have to keep in mind that once you return to your weight before your pregnancy, rest assured that your breasts will be back on their pre-pregnancy size too. 

Keeping your breasts bigger after your pregnancy 

If you are one of those women who are aiming to keep their breasts bigger after pregnancy, then it is best to follow the following tips and advice to keep your breasts bigger: 

  • You need to gain more weight while you are on the process of breastfeeding. Gaining weight can help you maintain the fullness and heaviness of your breasts. 
  • You have to keep the increase in estrogen production. There are lots of ways available for you to keep the production of estrogen in your body. You can opt for tofu, topical creams and lotions, and soy products. The said products are containing phytoestrogens, which is famous as a great contributor in estrogen production. Estrogen is renowned as one of the factors that can help you maintain a fuller breast. But you have to keep in mind that before you consume any of the products mentioned above, you need to consult your doctor first, especially if you are on the process of breastfeeding. 
  • You need to massage your breasts. Regular breast massage can increase your blood blow, which is essential in encouraging cell growth that is vital in maintaining fuller breasts. 

How to prevent saggy breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy 

After dealing with the question “do breasts stay large after pregnancy,” it is best to know the ways on how to deal with saggy breasts after breastfeeding. Here are some of the proven ways to prevent saggy breast: 

  • Ensure a healthy diet. A balanced and healthy diet during your pregnancy can play a significant role in avoiding saggy breasts. 
  • Wear a comfortable bra during your pregnancy. A soft bra is excellent support for your breasts. On the other hand, free yourself from wearing a bra during night time since there are lots of risks from doing this. 
  • Choose the right bra for you. You have to make sure that the bra you are wearing will fit your size. It is not advisable to wear a small bra or too large bras because it cannot provide the support that you need. 

Do breasts stay large after pregnancy? We hope that this question is already clear to you. Pregnancy is one of the most memorable journeys for every woman. As part of the pregnancy; you need to be prepared for the changes that you will experience. It is best if you are fully equipped with knowledge regarding the changes that you might encounter. 

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