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Special and Amazing Baby Names for Female Twins

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Special and Amazing Baby Names for Female Twins

After waiting for nine months, your double bundles of joy have arrived and it is time to take a close look at amazing baby names for female twins.

Aside from the variety of essential tasks that you have to deal with, the most important is no other than choosing the ideal name for your twins. Although they are twins, they will go through life as separate individuals. The duo is connected in various ways; thus it is best to consider checking out amazing baby names for female twins that are truly unique yet sound harmonious as a pair.

Considerations when choosing amazing baby names for female twins

Before heading down to the selection of amazing baby names for female twins, it is vital to make an effort to select names that are compatible with each other.

It is recommended to discuss possible twin baby names with your partner. Try to list down some of your favorite names. Other factors to consider when deciding on names for your twins include the following:

  • Specific traits in the meaning that you want to associate with your little twins
  • Avoid embarrassing nicknames or initials
  • Avoid monikers linked with bad memories
  • Family history and legacy

These are just some of the factors to consider. Regardless of the names that you will choose, it will surely make your bundles of joy special in their own way.

A close look on Amazing baby names for female twins

Once you are ready, let us now take a close look at the selection of amazing baby names for female twins.

Matching baby girl names

For most parents out there, matching names is the best approach. If you cannot make up your mind, check out the selection of matching monikers to boost your creativity.

·  Ashley and Angela

·  Cleo and Claire

·  Elizabeth and Emily

·  Ella and Emma

·  Hannah and Hazel

·  Iris and Isabelle

·  Clarisse and Celeste

·  Julia and Jade

·  Land Lucille

·  Naomi and Nicole

·  Tanya and Tina

·  Addison and Abigail

·  Kayla and Kylie

In case you do not want the names to start with the same letter, take a look at these names:

·  Olivia and Sophia

·  Rose and Daisy

·  Elizabeth and Isabella

·  Gabriella and Isabella

·  Paige and Natalie

·  Ella and Lily

·  Erin and Danielle

Biblical baby girl names

Throughout the years, the bible has served as the inspiration for many lovely names. For parents who want to give their twin baby girls names from the Bible that were derived from the names of important people on the pages, let us now take a close look:

  • Faith and Hope – this is a well-known combination of Biblical girl names which means “loyalty” and “expectations”
  • Victoria and Rebecca – this is a pair of classic names which mean “a song” and “beautifully ensnaring/soil”
  • Adah and Dinah – “an assembly” and “judgment”
  • Grace and Esther – “blessing” and “secret/hidden”
  • Abigail and Adriel – “a father’s joy” and “flock of God”
  • Olive and Lillian – “beauty/dignity” and “purity/beauty”
  • Diana and Elisha – “luminous” and “the salvation of God”

Mythological baby girl names

For those who love the Greek and Roman mythology with a penchant for the names of the ancient gods and goddesses, let us take a look at this selection of names inspired by ancient mythology:

  • Artemis and Athena – these are names of the two powerful women in ancient Greek mythology, goddess of the hunt and goddess of wisdom, courage, and warfare
  • Phoebe and Penelope – the name Phoebe was derived from “Phoebus”, a Greek titan while Penelope is the wife of Odysseus.
  • Rhea and Selene – mother of the gods and the Greek goddess of the moon
  • Camilla and Medea – Camilla is a warrior maiden in ancient Rome while Medea is the woman who helped Jason and the Argonauts
  • Gaia and Cassandra – Gaia is the goddess of the Earth while Cassandra is the name of the daughter of Troy’s king and queen

Final thoughts

Depending on the name that you will choose from the selection of amazing baby names for female twins, you will surely find one that is special and close to your heart.

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