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Tips on How to Induce Labor at Home

Labor is one of the hardest phases of pregnancy. You can ask your mother how hard it is to push you through her womb and get all the force she could from someone just for you to see the world. Ask also those new mommies how hard and painful it is to have labored for almost a day to three days and keep on waiting for you to come out.

However, some mothers are having a hard time to start being in labor for some possible reasons. We all know that the only sign that the baby is possible to come out and is ready to see the whole world when a woman’s muscle contract. For mothers to be able to help get their way throughout and will not feel too much pain when labor arrives. Some prefer inducing labor at home. 

For instance, you may be expecting your due date which may be a few days or weeks from now on. (You also need some facts on what to expect during labor time to help you).It is highly recommended that you should have your baby delivered on the 40th week of your pregnancy. It is still to let your womb and the whole world decide when is the right time for your baby to come out. Currently, if you are in your 40th week, we’ve got some ways on how you can naturally induce labor at home. 

Note that you should always prescribe to your doctor before going out for these methods and that there are some guaranteed ways to induce labor and proven ways to induce labor at home. But it might not work for you and your baby. So, just to make sure to consult everything first before proceeding.  

Tips on How to Induce Labor at Home 


If you are on your latter weeks and you’re asking how to induce labor at 37 weeks, this could be one of the most effective answers. Exercise. Go and up down the stairs but always be careful. Make sure to walk slowly and evenly as you pace back and forth the hallways. Exercise to induce labor can help you a lot and can make things easier for and your baby. Do the squats for inducing labor! It might help though! 


You might get shocked but acupuncture is one way to start labor contractions. Yes, for some reasons it may be unusual ways to induce labor. Acupuncture helps release oxytocin in the body.  


Sex is one way of how to ripen the cervix fast. It could induce labor. Sex is can also release oxytocin which can help lead and jumpstart into uterus contractions. However, keep in mind that having sex is fine but when your water breaks up and you still have intercourse with your partner, you might be getting risk for infection. So keep in mind about these guides for sex before and during pregnancy! 

Eating spicy foods

If you love spicy foods, then you must be lucky. But this is not an all-time fact as this tale is swerving all through generations to generations. They say that we eat some spicy food, you can easily induce labor. But once again, if this is not recommended by your doctor don’t do such a thing. It is still best to consult your doctor.

Nipple Stimulation

Yes, you heard it right. It is one way to kick start labor. It can increase uterus contractions and may bring you into labor sooner. You can manipulate your nipples through a breast pump or you and your partner can work on it. 


It is hard to induce labor when pregnant. However, before doing such a procedure make sure to consult first your doctor for your security. Not all of these methods can be applied to you. But you just have to be sure and secure. Also, don’t forget some essential oils for labor before delivery! It might help though!

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