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Speks Magnetic Balls for Stress

Speks Magnetic Balls for Stress

After many instances of children swallowing magnetic balls and suffering from internal injuries, magnetic balls are off the market again because of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s approval. Magnetic balls are also known as Neodymium magnets that are usually small spheres. These are considered to be manufactured as educational toys for children, displays of an artistic medium and a stress reliever. One of the most common magnetic balls is the Speks Magnetic balls that come in different Speks magnets designs. These Speks Magnetic balls will make you feel like a boss that will smash your stress away. It comes with Speks Magnets’ instructions to relax through your fingertips no matter where you are. 

Speks magnetic balls are very useful, especially for working adults. These would at least smash away the moments you are stressing over something.  If you are fascinated by these earth magnets that are very rare and you are currently having a Speks magnetic balls target, this article will give you the different Speks magnets found in Amazon. Learn about its importance and benefits to the users, together with its safety measures especially when it comes to children. 

Speks magnetic balls

Speks magnetic balls are both a toy for your desk and a magnetic sculptor that keeps the stress away. These are the smooth magnetic balls that fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. Check on these Speks magnets ideas that will surely be useful for you.

1. Speks Original Nickel Set of 512 (2.5mm) Magnetic Balls – Mashable Smashable Buildable Fun Stress Relief Desk Toy for Adults

This Speks Original Nickel Set 512 (2.5mm) Magnetic Balls – Mashable Smashable Buildable Fun Stress Relief Desk Toy is made in very high quality and precision as what is being advertised. This is the best and authentic as it is perfectly made by miniature magnets. It is designed for a lot of fun most especially when you are tired after a long day of work. You can play with it, build or mold something by it because it has endless shapes and nourishing structures and then abolish it and start all over again.

You can do exercise with your imagination and showcase what you can do. It reduces stress, anxieties, and worries and will let you forget the problems you are having for a while. These Speks magnetic balls are perfect for restless fingers, but to be honest, these magnets are very small for a normal hand but this will add delight to your busy workday. This will give you calm and a base to support your magnetic masterpiece as it guides you to your Speks magnets ideas. Always make sure to keep it away from children because it may be too dangerous. 

2. Speks Magnetic Balls – Duotone Deep End Set of 512 (2.5mm) – Fun StressRelief Desk Toy for Adults – Mashable Smashable Buildable 

Pamper yourself with this Speks Magnetic Balls – Duotone Deep End Set 512 for it is the original, mashable and smashable for adult’s fun. It’s made up of earth magnets with sturdy polymer coating in two complementary stones. It is one of the best stress-relief desk toys for you. It has a perfect size for on-the-go. You can build your original design that can add delight to your workday. Even if you are just waiting for something, you can play with it with satisfaction. It brings a lot of doses for stress whenever you are using it. From your office until you get home, these magnetic balls got you chilling down. It comes with a deep duotone, making it more attractive for most users. 

3. Speks Super Magnetic Balls Desk Toys. Big Balls, Even Bigger Fun. 

As they say, “Good things come in big packages.” and with Speks Super Magnetic Balls Desk Toys,  takes all the fun and makes it BIG. These Speks super magnetic balls are truly big for it has a size of 33mm or 1.3 inches, making it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. You can just grab two of these and make it roll your palm mindlessly.

These enormous balls are available in colors like green or grey. These magnetic toys are perfect for office displays and fidgeters. These can also be pen clickers and even cuticle pickers. These balls are very powerful as it clacks together to have your valued calling cards, making it close at hand and also top of mind. These magnetic balls are also perfect for gift exchanges and the one will be receiving it will surely like it. There will never be a wrong way of playing these enormous magnets; you can do it whatever ways you want. It will just relieve all the stress in your life and bringing fun into your daily work. With this, you are good to go. 

4. Speks Magnetic Balls – Classic Pink Set of 512 (2.5mm) – Fun Stress ReliefDesk Toy for Adults – Mashable Smashable Buildable

Get this very cool and tiny Pomegranate Pink Speks Magnetic Balls that you can easily push and pull around to come up with different shapes and chains. These magnets would stick on all sides that can somehow take away the stress you are feeling. You will have so much fun playing with these magnets as this will give you hours of entertainment, especially if you are a toy lover, you will surely appreciate this. These are a perfect gift to give someone that would distress their days no matter where their daily grind takes them. The set of Speks is made up of 2.5mm tiny magnetic balls that follow all safety standards. Share the fun with your family, especially your parents, your officemates and your boss. At least, at the very least, you helped them get rid of the stress they are feeling. 


It is undeniable that Speks magnetic balls helped a lot of people in dealing with the stress they are encountering. This is one of the best ways to let the stress and anxieties away as it gives entertainment and fun. But despite its benefits, it also has cons that must be observed. You should always keep it to avoid children from reaching it as there are a lot of cases where children choke themselves due to accidental swallowing of this toy. Just make sure to keep it in a safe place and as much as possible, never let children play with it no matter how entertaining it was for you. 

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