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Suction: How to Interrupt during a Breastfeeding Session With Your Baby?

A breastfeeding Mom should always take an extra step in taking good care of their breasts. As it plays a vital role in your child’s early stages of development. The point is, you should be meticulous enough to take care of your breast to avoid certain diseases and provide great nutrition for your newborn. That is why it is important for breastfeeding Moms to know how to remove their newborns from breast and find ways on how to remove them from suction without any interruptions.

There are situations wherein you need to interrupt your child from sucking. And having the perfect latch plays a role in a great suction process. As you establish a latch position, you can easily remove your newborn’s mouth from your breast.

In general, infants will stop sucking at you when they’re full or whenever they want to open their mouths. And sometimes, there are circumstances wherein you need to interrupt your baby. Some of these breastfeeding tips might help you interrupt your baby’s suction.

  • Having a bad latch- Most of the time, you find the comfiest position for you and your baby so that the continuity of the latch would last long. And in some cases, when you are disoriented or uncomfortable, most certainly the baby has a bad latch or the baby suddenly not latching well. So, it is wise for you to interrupt suction to prevent nipples peeling and sore breastfeeding It is best for you to have that correct latch for prolonged sucking and establishing a good latch. When do you unlatch baby? If it is already causing you discomfort and pain.
  • Changing the position- Sometimes, when your babies want to breastfeed, you are always put in a dilemma where you are in a bad spot but you just let them suck on you. So, it is best to interrupt your baby and establish a comfortable position for you to breastfeed and let them suck away. Besides, having the best newborn breastfeeding positions will help you do things comfortably such as watching TV or browsing your tablet.
  • When your baby falls asleep- This is the easiest way to interrupt your baby from sucking. And when they fall asleep, most likely your baby latching onto the breast. So, gently remove them with ease to avoid waking them up and let them sleep to your chest area for a soothing sleep.

Tips on how to remove the latch correctly/how to unlatch baby breastfeeding:

  • Always sanitize your hands before placing them in your baby’s mouth to prevent unwanted germs from contacting your baby’s mouth. Wash with gentle soaps because babies have sensitive skin.
  • Put your finger gently at the corner part of your baby’s mouth. Always be gentle to avoid them biting even more or waking them up.
  • Place one of your fingers to the side of your baby’s mouth gently.
  • Press the gums and lips gently, in this scenario, your baby’s latch will weaken and you can interrupt their suction at this rate.
  • After they’ve opened their mouth, gently remove your nipple from their mouth.
  • Until your nipple is released, never let the finger come out to avoid unintentional biting of your baby.

It is important that during the early stages of infancy, you should establish a perfect latch to prevent/avoid having sore ducts and nipples. And in worst cases, getting your nipples bloodied up.

How should nursing sessions for breastfeeding moms last?

Note that breastmilk is a great source of your baby’s daily nutrition needs. It is important to have them whenever they want it. That is why it is important to feed them properly. It is for their good and you.


Establishing a perfect latch and have a comfortable breastfeeding position is the key to how to interrupt suction during a breastfeeding session. Lastly, breastfeeding is a pivotal process of your child’s development, so you should be able to let them feed as it is their only source of food during these early stages. And whenever a certain problem arises, it is best to always consult your trusted health physician. Good luck on your journey to parenthood!

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