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Summer Chores for Kids: Training them to Become Better

When you say summertime, it means more time at home as well. At the same time, a lot of hours to have some messes and help to do the cleaning and other chores. This is also the best opportunity to let your children or kids be involved in whatever stuffs or chores in the house. These chores that are done daily or weekly is more than teaching them the responsibility, it can also help your kids to understand the sense of accomplishment, something they can use later in life. Here are ways to let your kids be involved and kill the summer-break boredom, check the kids’ summer chore list below.

  • You can let your kids help around the yard or garden. They can do simple tasks like watering the plants, weeding, feeding or anything can get them to stay outdoors. If you have concerns with the pests, you can be innovative by adding no harsh chemicals to your easy spray. You can put small drops of soap plus water in your spray bottle.
  • Have them do about laundry. It doesn’t hard for your kids to start sorting and also folding the finished/cleaned laundry. While the older kids can be trained on how to maneuver the washing machine as well as the dryer.
  • Get your kids involved in making the grocery list. You can let them pick some meals and check the available ingredients in the house. Then, let them write down what other pieces of stuff needed.
  • Let them take out the trash. Have them empty the waste, doing simple recycling, compost the bins and bring some containers during the collection days. You can use a spray or disinfecting wipes in cleaning the bins, then let your children add the clean bag on it.

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  • Keep the rooms clean. Allow them to make their beds, help with the vacuum sessions, arrange their kinds of stuff and toys- of course, parental supervision is needed in such activity.
  • Check the mailbox. Watch and observe your kids as they walk to the mailbox and check the mails. You can also let them do the other way around or have them bring the mail out if a letter is ready to go.
  • Organize an untidy area. Is your craft area messy? Let your kids participate in building or innovating new storage solutions. They can use the containers, bins, and labels in keeping the space clean yet presentable- they can also figure out where to put the rest of the things.
  • Wash the dishes. This chore may need the supervision of the parents, especially in loading and unloading the dishwasher (depending on the heights of your cabinets). You can delegate the loading and unloading with the older kids, while the younger ones can help in scrubbing the dishes with warm water and soap.

Chores that teach to care for their belongings:

As early they are, you can start teaching your kids to have their personal space clean. These can include keeping their bedrooms clean and the items are well-arranged if they are in other areas of the house. These activities can teach them the value or importance of taking care of one’s belongings or items.

  • Make their bed
  • Put away the used clothing
  • Change the beddings or sheets
  • Organize their closet
  • Vacuum and or sweep the bedroom
  • Place the items where they should belong

Chores that develop responsibility:

If the chores can instill obligations, making kids summer chore list that involves caring for others can be possible too. These chores can care not just people, but also other living beings like pets and plants. These house works will show that you trust your kids and you expect them to do a great job for someone or something is depending on them. These are a few lists of chores.

  • Watering the plants regularly
  • Feeding the pets at the required meal time
  • Brush your  pets outdoors to decrease the shedding inside the house
  • Walking the pets or have the litter cleaned
  • Babysit their younger brother or sister
  • Make or prepare some meals like lunch for the siblings

Chores that help them become good citizens:

Give your kids a variety of house chores. You can have their duties scheduled monthly, meaning the siblings will swap chores month to month or week by week. Just see to it that all of them have practiced on how to do the chores. You can involve other common areas in your house, as it would teach them to become better citizens or individuals.

  • Vacuum the living room, stairs, other bedrooms, hallways, and even the furniture
  • Sweeping the bathroom floors and the kitchen
  • Dust the office space, bedrooms, and the living room
  • Arrange the living room
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Organized the drawers
  • Clean the sink of the bathroom, toilet, and mirror
  • Wash the windows
  • Clean the shelves of the refrigerator in and out
  • Mop the floors
  • Arrange the food in the pantry
  • Sanitize the surfaces (with the supervision)
  • Organize some garage stuff
  • Arrange the bookshelves

Other summer chores list:

Warmer weather is connected to outdoor opportunities or chores. Since it is summer vacation, you can assign the following kids’ summer chore list.

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Trimming the bushes
  • Help in the landscaping activities such as building a rock wall or spreading the mulch
  • Weeding the garden
  • Car washing
  • Vacuuming the car
  • Cleaning the outdoor furniture
  • Get unused items for donation and or yard sale
  • Washing outdoor equipment like boats, campers, and ATV

Giving house chores to your kids can quite challenging, especially they’re they seemed to be pre-occupied with lots of things, and doing chores may not be a part of them. Although it is really difficult doing so can train them to become better individuals and be more mature and responsible. This is also a good way of helping them to become good citizens. But keep in mind that the above chores can be really hard for your kids in terms of their age and maturity, just always be there with them along the way. For as mindful parents, you are their ultimate role models.

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