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Super Bowl Activities Your Kids Will Surely Love!

The Big Game is coming up, you’ve gathered all your friends at your house to watch it with your little fans. Some kids will not be able to relate to what your watching, so you come up with fun activities so your kids could have fun at the same time. 

So you thought, why not throw a Super Bowl Party! 

Not only that it’s  loaded with fun and creativity, but you also get to bond with your kids with these amazing Super Bowl activities.

These are just a few things that you can do during a game with your kids. Not all kids will be able to relate to the thrill while watching your favorite team play on the big screen. Some kids will get pretty bored and will disrupt your watching, or will scream until you give them your attention. These types of activities will get them preoccupied while you cheer for your team. 

Keep in mind that all children have different likes and dislike. Not all kids will want to join sports or will be a sports fan just like you. Some will have a liking on other things like dancing, art, singing, acting, etc. 

When you want to watch a game and you were not able to get a babysitter to watch over your kids and you know that your kids will definitely interrupt you while you’re watching then this simple and creative activity will come in handy to avoid your kids interrupt your watching.

Show your Spirit! 

This game is fun since your kids will get to show their creative side with painting, making artistic pom-poms, coming up with team cheers and many more!

Get moving 

 This game will get you moving while watching your favorite football game! Come up with a list of words that you can usually hear in the game (example: touchdown) and assign actions to it like shake your head or wiggle your toes. Parents can also join in or you can make this activity a fun team activity where parents and kids can also have fun and bond

Pass the helmet 

This game is super fun with a lot of music! You can use an actual helmet or a cap or a bowl and fill it with goodies, trinkets etc and get the music pumping. All they have to do is pass the helmet to the next person when the music stops the person holding the helmet will get to choose a prize inside! Awesome!

Find football 

This game is easy yet fun! Set up a simple scavenger hunt, hide tiny footballs or helmets and print out a list of the things you’ve hidden so the kids would know what to look for. Physical activities like this will get the kids active during a lull in the game.

Set up a coloring station 

This activity will not only entertain your kids while you watch the game but also will definitely enhance their creativity. Set up a table for them to work on, put crayons and coloring materials inside a color-coded cup (your favorite team color). Put in a prize pool for the most creative artwork to spice things up.

Roll the dice 

 This game is like any other board game but football themed! Recycle cereal boxes to make the board into a football field. Once it’s all done, grab a dice and assign a group for players. You can assign gains and penalties for each number on the dies (for example 6=10 gain, 3= 10 penalties, 5=steady on the spot). Then start at one end zone and let the games begin

Spy something good 

This game will get the kids going during a time out or when the game gets boring for them. You either can have them all ready prepared before the big game or let them help you out. Assign each of them a card to find, put in a prize for the most find!

Deck the halls

Holiday paper chains for your football’s biggest fan! Create paper ornaments with your favorite team’s color. Cut out colored strips of paper before the kick-off, then let your crafting crew chains in their team’s favorite color. Always remember to be there with your kids to help them when using sharp tools in making creative projects to avoid them getting a booboo.

Player poster 

This activity will be a fun bonding time for you and your kids. Get a piece of paper and draw a doll resembling your favorite player, then cut them out and have your kids color it. Paste them in cardboard so your kids can hang them on the wall in their room. It will also enhance your kids’ creative side as well as feeling your support to them.

There are a lot of other activities you can create for your kids to have fun during the game. You can also ask other parents who will be joining you of ideas on how you can preoccupy your kids while you guys could also enjoy your game with no interruptions. You can buy materials beforehand and you can start planning your kid’s activities before the big game. You can also ask other parents joining you to help you out with the planning and arranging of the party so that when the game begins you’re all set and ready to go! You can also use these types of activities at any party! Just change the theme and rules of the game and you’re all set!

It is amazing to know that not only you will get to have fun while watching your favorite game with your friends, but also you get to have your kids enjoy and have fun with the others while you are preoccupied with cheering for your team. 

Having your kids engage with other children and enjoy having a creative activity will not only enhance their creative side but will also be able to enhance their social skills by engaging with other children. 

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