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Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman you are very excited to know what is the gender of your fetal inside you, cute little boy or sweet little girl, maybe your thinking of having a boy or a girl is based on old wives’ tales and other folklore, however there some information assist you to know facts from myths and some baby boy symptoms appears during early pregnancy. Also, this article will talk about some medical tests which help you to know your baby’s sex during pregnancy.

1. Late Morning Sickness

When a woman gets pregnant,  the symptoms of pregnancy start appear such as morning sickness or nausea, but if you do not experience them in early pregnancy, it is a sign that you are having a baby boy.

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2. Heartbeat Rate

Heartbeat can help you to determinate the gender of your baby when you check the baby’s heartbeat and finds that it still less than 140 per minute it means that you have a baby boy.

3. Acne

The appearance of pimples on your face is one of the signs that telling you that you have a little baby boy.

4. Feeling Hungry Almost Time

If you are pregnant with a baby boy, you will feel hungry and have a strong desire to eat especially sour or salty foods.

5. Personality Changes

Usually, the gender of your fetal influences a few behavioral changes. Women who have an aggressive mood most of the time are more likely to bear a baby boy, the behavioral side is usually related to high levels of testosterone.

6. Dark Urine Color

It is known to everyone that the color of urine can tell a lot of things such as if you are sick or not, also changing the color of your urine during pregnancy is a sign of your baby gender, If the urine appears dark, it means that you are carrying a baby boy.

7. Breast Size

During pregnancy, your breasts become bigger because they get ready for breast milk, if your breast size becomes larger it means that you have a little baby boy, especially when your right breast becomes bigger than the left one.

8. Feeling Cold

During pregnancy you will feel cold a lot of time, especially on your feet, this is one of the clear symptoms that you will have a baby boy.

9. Long Hair

One of the most famous symptoms that telling you of having a baby boy, your hair will grow up quickly more than usual if the gender of your baby is a little boy than if it is a girl.

10. Sleeping Position

During pregnancy, you predominantly feel fatigued and tired easily. at In this case, you will sleep more time than usual, and if you sleep more on your left side than the right side, it is a signal that you will have a baby boy.

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11. Dry hands And Skin

Dry hands and cracking skin are other clear signs which means that you have a baby boy inside your womb.

12. Weight Gain

As you are pregnant and have a round belly, is natural to have weight gain,

Overweight gain is one of the most important symptoms that you cannot ignore, it is a clear sign that shows the sex of your baby.

If you have a baby boy, the extra weight mostly appears to your stomach however if you have a little girl, the mother’s weight is distributed all over the body including face.

13. Earlier Baby Movement

Another sign means that you hold a baby boy is an early movement of the fetal inside you, start from week 12 of pregnancy, so you may have a baby boy.

14. Smaller Baby Movement

In this sign you will probably feel that your little baby kicks you on the left side of your belly, the little kick will be stranger by time and that will left a small bump, it is a symptom that you will welcome a baby boy.

15. The Flexibility

If you do not find any difficulties movement during the pregnancy and there no signs of pregnancy appear on your back and you can walk easily until the last week of pregnancy, it is actually a clear symptom that the sex of the baby is a boy.

16. Raised Belly Button

Raised belly button during pregnancy is one of the simplest signals that tell you it is a baby boy inside your womb.

17. Darker Left Nipple

If you compare between your nipples and find that the left one is darker than the right one, it means that the gender of your future baby is a boy.

18. Dark Body Parts

After about 3 months of pregnancy, some dark parts will appear on your body if the gender of your baby is a boy.

19. Big Nose

A big nose is one of the symptoms of having a little baby boy.

Medical Tests To Know The Baby’s Sex During Pregnancy.

Here are some common medical tests help you to know what is the baby’s sex are:

1. Ultrasound

Ultrasound examinations are very precise medical tests that you can use to specify and know the baby’s sex. The test is practically 90% exact, and it obviously discloses to you the sex of the unborn infant.

Most specialists guidance to directing the ultrasound assessment following four months of your pregnancy furthermore, the test is non-intrusive.

2. Ramzi’s Method

It is one of the more current methods for the ultrasound that decides the sexual orientation of the unborn infant one month and a portion of pregnancy. The medical test can specify the baby’s gender based on the location of the placenta.

3. Genetic testing

The well known hereditary testing strategies like Chorionic villus sampling(CVS) and Amniocentesis decide the sex of the infant before birth. Chorionic villus testing, for the most part, is done after around 3 months of pregnancy.

These medical tests above help you to know what is the baby’s sex and are almost 99% precise.

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