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Best Memory Books to Compile Baby’s Milestones

Writing diaries on a daily basis slowly fade away because of the influence of social media platforms that serve as a record book where memories are also stored. When it comes to babies, parents would want to capture each and every milestone their baby attains from the day they knew they were pregnant, after giving birth and until their first birthday. The use of baby memory books is a great way to capture every great moment of the baby that gives joy. There are a lot of memory books available in the market, you’ll just need to have a good choice to ensure that it will become a personal thing.

Baby memory books never get out of style, as time goes by, these journals are even improving to ensure that this memorabilia will be passed on to generations. In searching for a good memory book, there are factors to consider such as the overall appearance, durability, number of pages to be utilized and value for money. In this article, we’ll show you some of the top choices for baby memory books and what features each of these books has to offer. 

1. Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book 

Keep a track of your baby’s milestones through this modern memory book where you can contain all the important events in their life, from your pregnancy, the day they were born, the moment they learned how to walk and so on until you fill in the 50 pages available. You can choose from their 4-colored book choices depending on the gender of your baby that has a chevron pattern. To make it more personal, you can display your baby’s 3”x3” picture in front of the journal’s cover together with your family pictures on the succeeding pages. 

Another exciting page that this memory book has to offer is the clean-touch ink pad where you can display your baby’s hands or footprints. You can treasure this memory book for years because it is made from a durable book bind. You can utilize it for about five years depending on how frequent you are in updating it. This is a handy journal that has dimensions of 0.7 x 9 x 10.8 inches that you can easily carry if you have friends or family gatherings.

2. C.R. Gibson White, Pink and Gold Polka Dot ‘Welcome Sweet Baby’ Baby Memory Book for Baby Girls

Fill in this 60 pages memory book with customizable pages that includes the family tree, growth charts and other worthwhile milestones of the baby. The precious moments that are on this baby book will surely last until the future generations because it is made from a high-quality, acid-free and lignin-free paper. It has pink and gold polka dots on the journal cover that connotes that this memory book is for a baby girl. The inside pages are filled with beautiful designs such as colorful ribbons, fabric flowers, embroidery, and glittery touches.

It has overall dimensions of 9” x 11.12” that is easy to store is a small box. It can contain up to 5 years of your child’s accomplishment from being a baby, toddler, and kid. You will not forget any important life event if you jot it down together with some pictures and descriptions of it. This is a good memory book that you can look up to every now and down to reminisce worthwhile memories.

3. RubyRoo First-Year Baby Memory Book + Baby Journal

Capture your baby’s important life phases through this memory book and baby journal in one diary. You can fill in the 56 pages with different memories from their first experiences through different exciting and happy events that they have been to. Each page has colorful woodland-themed decorations that you can later on polish with notes, photos, and other symbolic memorabilia. There are pages designated for the family section, baby’s hands and footprints, first haircut, first words, etc and there are also uncustomized pages where you can decide what notes or life event will you put.

Preserve the memories you have collected for a lifetime through this durable archival-quality pages that you can pass on for future generations. Be as detailed as possible so that when you go back to each page in the future, you will surely have the nostalgic feelings of happiness and love that you have when you are doing this memory book. This memory book plus a baby journal is a perfect way to capture.

4. Lovely Sprouts Baby Memory Book

Never miss any special moment, make sure you have recorded all milestones your baby achieved through these 57 pages of mixed memory book, photo album, and diary. You will be fascinated by how you will be using this memory book because it is equipped with an envelope where you can store important memorabilia such as baby’s first hair cut, first drawing, first picture, etc. It also has 80+ photo boxes so that you can document a lot of precious memories from years 1 to 5. It includes pages for every milestone as well as pages for different events that your whole family together with the baby enjoys. 

Each page is equipped with gender-neutral designs that are spacious for both pictures and notes allowing you to be more detailed about the ups and downs experiences of your child. This is a perfect way to celebrate every journey your baby encounters. This baby memory book is also a perfect gift for future moms so that they can start documenting the process before giving birth.

 5. Ronica First-Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal

This customizable and unique memory book is a fun and worthwhile activity to spend time with because for sure your child will appreciate it someday. It has a total of 60 pages that are filled with modern designs that will boost your mood while you are creating content for your baby’s milestones. It is also equipped with a total of 12 months stickers that you stick in the page where you think is applicable to make it more personalized. It is in a thick spiral-bound book for it to be stored in long periods of time without the destruction of its physical appearance. 

You can easily tear the customizable pages that are included if it is not applicable to your baby so that all pages are filled in with memories. The envelope attached to it will safely keep important pieces that represent the symbolic markers of your baby’s growth. It has a product dimension of 9.4 x 11.3 x 1.1 inches, not too big to bring anywhere you would go especially in attending reunions and its size is just to safe keep in your cabinet for many years.

 6. Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book

This is a modern way of documenting your baby’s memories no matter how small that development is. No need to buy piece by piece embellishment of a scrapbook because this memory book will not only serve as a developmental journal but it also serves as a diary where you can tell a story about the important life events of your baby equipt with pictures.  Each page is surely a masterpiece design with colorful designs and patterns. 

The pages of this memory book is preorganized where there are designated pages for the pre-baby notes and pictures, hands or footprints for newborn, other customized pages where you can put your family tree, reunions, first birthday and it also has blank pages where you are free  to document the new things or accomplishment your baby achieves giving you a total of 48 pages. This is a perfect future gift for your grown-up child.

 7. Baby Memory Book & Journal for Boy & Girl by Petite Pro: 1st 5 Years Record Book

Make all your baby’s developmental milestones unforgettable by creating a unique and creative book that is filled with different memorabilia such as photos. Begin with its 54 pages that feature a modern design with watercolor illustrations that will give an exciting vibe every time you open it. Filled with hand-drawn watercolor illustrations of animals and woodland elements the book is dedicated to those who like a modern, clean and thoughtful design with a handmade feel. There are pages where there are already guidelines so that you’ll just need to feel it in. The inside pages, as well as the hardbound cover, are thick that can’t be crumpled easily.

 The company that distributes this baby memory book has a special offer wherein as long as you would purchase from them, you can download more pages from their website so that there will be more space for new memories. The back part of the cover also has a sturdy envelope that serves as a storage for other important memorable pieces. It comes with a durable and beautifully designed box so that you can also give it as a gift for future moms. This is a totally fun and rewarding experience that you can always go back to.

8. The Amazing Story Of Me Baby Memory Book By KiddosArt

Logging in each and every adventure your baby goes through is one of the sweetest gestures a parent can do to her baby. This is not just a simple craft but it contains important milestones of your baby in just one book. This memory book contains 72 pages of adorable and colorful pages where you can fill it in with the most precious moments of your baby from the day of birth until the first day of school. It also consists of about 100+ photo boxes where you can surely document a lot of pictures with noted in it.

Aside from the cozy pages, it also contains monthly stickers to be placed in the pages designated for the baby’s monthly growth and it has a keepsake envelope to ensure that your baby’s remembrance will still be treasured. This is an easy to use memory book because there are pages that are customized so that you would know what to right to make it more organized. The page is made from an eco-friendly, soy-based ink that will not fade nor get creased as time goes by to ensure that it can still be seen by your child and for future generations.

9. Memory Book For Baby’s First Year By Baby Motek

This memory baby book is more than just a photo album but it is a unique record book of your baby story that will be presented in a nice and precious way. This is only a 24-page  fabric bound memory book but it is equipped with ample space for text or notes as well as pictures. This is a journal that has a page that is uniquely designed with great images and vivid colors, the box where you can paste your baby’s picture is beautifully layout so that the baby’s cute face will be emphasized.

Aside from the provided pages with photo boxes, it is also equipt with a large envelope pasted at the back cover to serve as a memory keeper for all the sentimental items that can be treasured by your baby as he grows up. The quality of the overall book is not only beautiful but it is made from qualitative material to ensure that your baby’s treasured memories are in good hands.

10. Baby Journal – Little Rainbow Memory Book

Be stylish in documenting and capturing all the precious moments of your baby’s life stages that you don’t want to forget. This journal is a unisex memory book that is equipt with a total of 48 soy-based ink made pages that are printed responsibly to have a colorful and stylish design. All you have to do is to print photos and be ready with detailed notations so that it can also be informative. The way how this memory book is created is a mixture of a photo album, scrapbook, and a journal. Make sure not to miss all the first of the baby such as first hair cut, first talk, first walk, first travel, etc. 

This will serve as your baby’s lasting legacy that is why it is important to invest in a memory book like this little rainbow memory book to ensure its quality whether on its cover or through its pages. Whatever pen or maker that you will use, it will not blot right away on the other page. Aside from its durability, this memory book is also stylish that suits every taste of a parent.

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