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The Meaning Behind the Name ”Leia”

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The Meaning Behind the Name ''Leia''

Are you looking for a name that will suit your baby? Names can have different effects on the mental baby’s mental being

This is because words have meanings and so do names, names are the identities in which people carry themselves on, usually with pride or shame, the names of each person can often dictate a person’s fate, way of thinking and course of a person’s actions.

Names have meanings and can sometimes denote a history that is interesting, valuable and relevant to our inner selves And ultimate life purpose.

This article will provide you some valuable insights into the name “Leia”, its origins from the native dialect it was derived to, history of usage and pop culture association.

The unseen meaning of the name Leia:

The unseen meaning of the name Leia:

Leia is named commonly and traditionally assigned to girls and women, because of its feminine allure, it has a lot of connotations to different languages found in the world, it commonly unheard and unused making it a unique and unusual name.

The name ‘Leia’ is the English revision of the original name Leah which may be different in spelling but almost the same in pronunciation.

The name Leia has a variety of meanings depending on which culture you’re leaning towards, In Ancient Rome which is now modern Italy, the name Leia means “Lioness” and a “woman full of courage”.

Leia in Hawaiian culture means “heavenly child”, denoting of sweetness and the flora culture found abundant in the place, in Hebrew, its direct definition means “weary, languid and relaxed”, in ancient Assyrian culture the name Leia means “mistress”.

In the Hebrew context, the name Leia or Leah was an important biblical character in the Old Testament of the Bible, Leia was the older sister of Rachel, Leia was also the first wife of Jacob a prominent and known biblical character.

The story goes with Jacob falling in love with Leia/Leah’s younger sister Rachel, and asks Laban, Leah and Rachel’s father to offer himself of service for seven years.

Laban then tricked Jacob into marrying Leia first with the use of a deceptive custom during those times wherein a man could marry two or more girls after the years of their promised servitude.

Leia’s Psychology and Personality

Leia's Psychology and Personality

The name Leia can exude a certain kindness and toughness at the same time, Leia’s personality can be of dual nature, expressing equally the sides, she can be kind, compassionate, loving and expressing but, she can also be distrusting, competitive and an overwhelming mean streak.

Usually, the combination of her sweet and spice, black and white personality can often lead to major career breakdowns and situations, she will surely excel in everything she does and will do it in the best way possible.

The Name Leia in Mystical Numerology

In numerology, the name ‘Leia’ is correlated with the number 9, which signifies the great compassion of the individual towards her family, work-life and life purpose.

The number 9 symbolizes the end of the soul and therefore it detaches itself from the material and sensual pleasures of the world, making it more concerned on the main goal of creating a life with deeper essence and meaning, that’s why names correlated with number 9 may have a greater understanding of why compassion and caring have a greater significance in this world rather than the material possessions and success that people hold so much into.

Number 9 symbolizes the unity of all numbers, the completion of the life cycle and the value of love and affection, number 9 personality means that a person is capable of great spiritual and compassionate insight as well as humanitarian actions that may lead them to greatness.

They are worthy people who can educate and inspire you on the meaning of life and their compassionate side may work well on building help-support groups, organizations that facilitate the betterment of the society and nature or simply charities for a worthy cause, in the long run they can be very great at building healthy relationships towards the people around them, especially their friends and spouses, number 9 personality is often denoted by its great enterprising ability in creating meaningful and wonderful relationships.

The dialectal origin of the name Leia

Leia originated in the ancient Hebrew language which was later modernized to English, in Hebrew pronunciation the name Leia is pronounced as “Lay-ah”, with the changing context of spelling and language shifts from century to century.

The name Leia changed its spelling and pronunciation, from the Hebrew word Leia, it was changed to the English-Greek Alphabet system which became Leah which is pronounced by American/English accents as  “Lee-uh”, a more commonly used name spelling distinguished to the original name Leia.

The Notable pop culture references to the name leia

The Star Wars franchise which has gained a mass of fans and followers know that one of the most interesting and undeniably great characters in the franchise is Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher.

Some notable pop culture references of Princess Leia include her bikini outfit, all-white wardrobe choices and the signature Princess Leia’s hairstyle.

Princess Leia was introduced in Star Wars: Episode IV which was released in 1977, Princess Leia was admired by many of the Star Wars fans for her great portrayal as a great example of Female power and empowerment.

She was the idealized female figure of 1978 and was greatly admired for her driven and courageous nature, she was also represented as a great woman warrior, showing her battle skills at its finest, because of that Leia became a trending girl name during the 80’s although it wasn’t as popular compared to the name Leah.

Even up to this date, the uniqueness of the name still predominates most of the countries, it is still fairly uncommon name in many households in different countries in the world such as the United Kingdom or the United States.

Although it’s counterpart Leah is more prominent and widely used in the U.S,  the unheard name will probably rise in the future, once another admirable female character named ‘Leia’ is presented on our screens.

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