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What are the Most Popular Last Names or Surnames in British

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What are the Most Popular Last Names or Surnames in British

Most surnames in the English region have been derived from habitational, patronymic, or topographical names. The last names in British culture have evolved a lot from first names which were adopted as immigrants, family names and conquests. There are more than 4,5000 British family names, and each has a distinct meaning and history. There is an attachment unique to each one of it and it has references across Ireland, Wales, Scotland and many different places of the United Kingdom.

Names are the things which are required by everyone so that he or she may be known as particularly according to their name.

Why should one keep a name?

One should keep a name to be known in society. Otherwise; no one will recognize him. Suppose if any of the people has become a big star but no one has known his or her name then how people will be able to recognize him. Alternatively, someone has done a very great thing, or a crime, or help to anyone, and many more; but no one knows his or her name then they were not able to get that stand in the society.

A person’s name is the greatest connection to their own individual identity. If you want some attention towards you by doing some work or by anything, then by keeping a name; you may get all the attention you want. As if every place has some name to be recognized in society so that people could go there. The same is for us as individuals; each one of us should have a name to be well recognized in society.

What is the use of the last name or the surname?

In the world of English speaking, a surname is commonly referred to as the last name. It is used at the end of the person’s name, like John Smith, the Smith is a surname or the last name of a person John. With the use of the last name; one can know that from which family does he or she belongs to and from what religion and background.

When one is in a formal situation, he belongs to the great family, and everyone knows him or her, they could use the last name of their family as it defines the whole family. Whether you stand great or not in the world but many people know you because of you and your family. Therefore, the use of the last name or the surname is just as it defines the whole family.

The popular last names in British:

  1. Allen: The Allen word is derived from the word Alan, it means to rock.
  2. Anderson: It refers to the son of Andrew, which was seen for the first time in the 14th century in the country Scotland. It means man or manly.
  3. Armstrong: The surname Armstrong came from the borders of Scotland. It means “someone with the strong arms”.
  4. Baker: Baker is a surname that is quite occasional and it is inspired by a person who bakes or owns a bakery.
  5. Barker: Barker as a surname is found occasionally which refers to “Tanner of Leather”.
  6. Barnes: It is referred to someone who lived by a Barn. It is a topographic name that belongs to the Middle English period.
  7. Bell: This is the surname that originated from the old English French era, which is “Bel”, which means beautiful.
  8. Bennett: This is the surname that came from the 12th century which is taken from “Benedictus”, which referred to as “Blessed”.
  9. Brown: It is the last name that refers to a person either have brown skin or brown hair. It is generally used in Scottish, English and Irish origin.
  10. Burton: Burton is made by combining two different words, that is, Burh and Tun, which means fort settlement.
  11. Campbell: This surname is popularised by the top model Naomi Campbell, it refers to someone that has a crooked mouth.
  12. Carter: It is an English, Scottish and Irish origin and it is also one of the occupational names. It is referred to as someone who does the work of transporting goods through a cart or a wagon.
  13. Chapman: This last name is getting famous by the comedian of English comedy, Graham Arthur Chapman, which means a businessperson, a trader or a merchant.
  14. Cook: It is the name which came out from the tribes of Anglo-Saxon in Britain. It is also an occupational surname, which is used for someone who works as a cook, or the one who sells cooked food or the one who keeps it.
  15. Cooper:  This surname is referred to as Maker or the repairer of the wooden vessels.
  16. Davidson: It refers to the son David that means beloved. It is originated from the Jewish regions, Scottish and Northern English.
  17. Edwards: It refers to the prosperity guard. It is the combination of Edwards and Edwardson.
  18. Elliot:  It is basically derived from Elijah or Elis that is meant by Jehovah is my God.
  19. Fisher:  It is also an occupational last name of people from Scottish, Irish and English origin. It refers to the seller of arrows.
  20. Ford:  The habitational surname is referred to the individuals who used to live near Ford.

There are many other surnames, as it mentioned above that there are more than 45,000 surnames with the different religion and the beliefs. If you have a baby or your relative is having a baby, kindly do suggest them, that keeping name especially the surname or the last name with that so that he could have a different identity.

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