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Adelyn: a Name with Substance

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Naming a baby is one of the exciting experiences a parent could have. Some took a million times to think and think until they become satisfied with their chosen name; seeing to it that the little bumpy down there would have goosebumps hearing the name their lovely parents have chosen. 

Being picky in naming a baby is natural; it only means you wanted the best for your child even though he or she hasn’t seen the world yet. Parents have thousands of names in the world to choose from so sometimes, it became an impossible task for them to find the best one. 

Parents think of names that will embody the being of their child. Having a good name means having a good personality when he or she grows up. Making sure that the baby will surely be beautiful and proud by the time he or she sees the world; their names must be of beauty too.

One of the reasons in a parent’s style in choosing a name is its meaning- on what it means to have such a beautiful name. It makes the name to have substance with which the name itself makes it more lovable and admirable for everyone.

Adelyn has been an expensive name in the market not only because it is unusual to ears but also because of the innate meaning it entails. Though it has been used by some, its fancy has never been blue- its beauty never fades.

Among the million names around the globe, why is it to be Adelyn and not other names?  

Here are some ideas why you should choose Adelyn in naming your cute little one:

1. Adelyn is the variation of “adel” 

Which means nobility and “Lyn” which means pretty. Having a noble name is an honor but twinned with beauty is a bonus. A perfect combination of royalty and beauty is an epitome of a good name. It must have been a thought that beauty is nothing without being paired with something that makes a person unique. Embodying a noble plus beauty name, he or she will also live with nobility and magnificence in life. What does it mean to be a noble? It means belonging to a high class or royalty with which the child was born with too much admiration and courage. What does beauty mean? It is the quality or thing that gives a person the pleasure to enjoy what he or she has in life. Living with all the optimism along his or her journey right before his or her name makes him or her feel that life is good after all. Thus, Adelyn is one of the best choices you can have in picking out a name with substance. 

2. Adelyn can also be defined as “timeless beauty” 

a name that will be remembered throughout generations. Seconds, minutes, hours, months, years and decades may pass but the memory of the name remains. Your child may have felt that you have chosen an everlasting and memorable name that resembles the everlasting love you have for them. Their beauty since the moment they were born is something that is part of the unforgettable moments they have planted in the persons around them. They will continue to bring beauty within their hearts even the break of the dawn comes. They would always have the time to compose themselves seeing the beauty of life right here and there. If you want your child to be of timeless beauty then, Adelyn perfectly fits your taste. 

3. A name that is kind will impose kindness in the child itself.

 Adelyn is your mini-me version- an “aide” that will be your partner for life. The child will be your supporter no matter what life brings into you; a blessing indeed to be treasured. As parents, you bear a child not only because they are cute to be true but also because of the thought that they could be with you in times of happiness and adversities. Adeline’s purpose is like that, to be with you and never leave you by heart. Knowing that your child will always be there to support you is also a fulfilling feeling a parent could have. Thus, if you want a person to be by your side, Adelyn is the best for you.

Cherished- one of the thoughts that parents have in mind while thinking so hard to have a perfect name for their babies. If you want your child to feel so loved, choose a name that could make them feel like they are unique- keeping in their minds that you have thought so much of them since the day they were born.  Give them a unique name! Adelyn is a unique one because not all the persons you have known have used the name Adelyn for their babies. Having a unique and rare name makes your child feel that he or she is special. They would feel that they are the dear among other children they’re about to encounter. Thinking so, they feel being treasured and cherished even before they were born. 

The name is like a melody in music. A good name should be of good melody thus, good to hear and not an ill to anyone who’s going to say or hear it. Adelyn is not complicated to pronounce and can be easily understood. Not too short and not too long to be written which will be a relieved to a child when he or she starts to go schooling. One of the reasons why people find it hard to get along with others is because of the tricky name they have so, choose a simple name yet a classy one. 

All names call for approval and fanciness- it should be of more glam and beauty. The first thing that a person will better know you is because of the name you have. Wherever you go, your name will be instilled and remembered. 

No matter how we grasp the perception of having a good name, let us not forget that names could be beautiful and ugly depending on how a person composes his or herself. As the old adage says “true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” thus, having a good name is just a bonus one. 

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