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The Name Brendan: Its Origin, Meaning, and Some Famous Namesakes

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Meanings of a name are important nowadays for parents especially for choosing baby names.  So, let’s take a look at another name from the list of boys’ names and their origin and meaning. What is the meaning of the name Brendan? 

Origin and Meaning of the Name

Brendan is a good boy name for your little prince who is adventuresome. The meaning of the name Brendan is from the Irish name that means “prince”. Based on the Irish origin, the name was inspired by the first European to touch America, Saint Brendan the Voyager. The name Brendan was the variant of the name Branton which was a surname from some English place-names. It was composed of the words “brom” that means “brushwood” and “dun” which means “hill”. Hence, the meaning of the name Brendan can also mean “dweller near the brushwood hill”. The name Brandon can be its variant which is an Anglicized name from the list of some Irish boy names.  

The name Brendan peaked the highest in the late 1990s and has been established in the country for decades. The name was popular among Irish-American boys but is most of the time confused with the English names,  which were truly names similar to Brendan: Brandon, Brennan, and Brendon. The meaning of the name Brandon and the meaning of the name Brendon may be similar to the meaning of the boy name Brendan. Some of the famous namesakes are the Irish playwright Brendan Behan and the actor Brendan Fraser; Mark Wahlberg also used it for his son. 

Celtic Meaning of Brendan

The meaning of Brendan in Celtic origin is raven which is a large heavily built crow that has black plumage, feeding on carrions. 

Gaelic Meaning of Brendan

The meaning of the name Brendan in Gaelic origin is “brave”.

German Meaning of Brendan

The meaning of the name Brendan, on the other hand, is “flame”.

Irish Meaning of Brendan

As mentioned earlier, the name Brendan means “prince”. Moreover, some Irish scholars also believe that it means “stinking hair”. In the 6th century Irish origin, its famous bearer is St. Brendan who had founded a monastery at Clonfert in County Galway. 

American Meaning of Brendan

The name Brendan can also be an American name that has a meaning of “brave”.  

Numerology of the Name Brendan

The name Brendan has an expression number of number 4. This name influences its bearers to value service. People who have the name Brendan are also dedicated and motivated to build their lives with a solid foundation of order. For the reason that they have the expression number, number 4, they also value discipline among people, justice, and truth and they may resent those who do not value these. They are practical in nature which makes them good at saving and managing their money. People with the name Brendan may be overly cautious and conservative because they focus on these matters.  

On the other hand, people with the name Brendan has a soul-urge number of number 6. The people with this name have a deep desire for a stable, loving family or community. They feel the need for working with other people and they want to be appreciated most of the time.  

Famous namesakes

Brendan gleeson

He is an Irish actor and he became famous for his supporting roles in films like Braveheart, 28 Days Later, Troy, Gangs of New York, and some Harry Potter films. He also took the leading roles in the movies Bruges, The Guard, and Calvary where he won an Emmy Award in the year 2009 for his character as Winston Churchill in the movie, Into the Storm. 

Brendan smith

He is a famous Canadian professional ice hockey player and he is playing for the team of the National Hockey League, Detroit Red Wings at the present. He was ranked 27th by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. He also became a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award. 

Brendan fraser

He is a well-known American-Canadian actor who played the role of Rick O’Connell in the Mummy film series and he also became famous for his leading roles at some famous comedic and fantasy movies. 

How about you, do you like the name, Brendan? 

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