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Meaning of the Name Nova Origin, Variations and Popularity

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Meaning of The Name Nova Origin, Variations and Popularity

In the astronomy world, the meaning of the name nova is a star that quickly releases a big burst of energy, briefly becoming very bright. What an interesting name for the baby girl. It originated from the Latin word “Novus,” or “new,” and first used as a name by American folks in the 19th century. Nova is a prominent name in the Netherlands and Sweden and has been making a return in the US ever since 2011.

She’s a great pick for the freshest member of the family, not because of the meaning but due to her charm. As word moniker grows in popularity, there’s no refusing that Nova is perfect at home in the fashion along with Paisley and Harper. She’s the latest pick with a special sound, different from the rest of the nominees to the top. 

Nova is jam-packed with fun and spunk, the excellent name on a high-spirited little angel. She doesn’t need luxury and fuzz to feel womanly, keeping a gentle side that’s hard to compete. She’s without a doubt great in her sound as well, avoiding the tacky style that’s been hitting the world of baby names. 

As little and sweet moniker continues to increase in popularity, Nova has discovered her progress. She’s very easy to pronounce and spell, evading problems some other names may face. She will always show up with her glamorous elegance, a first name fated for something huge and bright.

Nova baby meaning 

In the 18th century, Nova was first documented as a given name. Although it’s only discovered in little numbers, it can be discovered across Europe. Since the late 18th century, there are christening documents from Hungary, one of whom is for a baby girl who was christened in the town of Nova in Zala, Hungary, which describes her given name. There’s also an initial history for a nova name meaning boy baptized in Norway in 1779, however, other Norwegian histories from the late 19th century are a woman. 

In the early 19th century, Britain has records for Nova, but it’s hard to tell if they’re transcription issues for nova name meaning boy or another same moniker. Like for example, the listing below from July to September 1849 in Wales Birth Index and England has been recorded as “Nova Hulbert,” but it looks like Rosa.

Nova meaning popularity

  • What does the name novelle mean? How famous is the moniker Nova? Here’s what you need to know. 
  • In 2018, names like nova were the 56th most famous girl’s name, which represents about
  • 0.3002% of baby girl childbirths in the U.S. 
  • Nova has been the 996th most famous girl’s name since 1910 and it’s around .0105% of girl childbirths in the U.S. 

Nova Meaning in English  

  • If you love Nova, you’ll like these other monikers like Nova. 
  • What are the alternatives of sibling names for nova? 
  • Combine these monikers that are a variance of the given name Nova.
  • Novah which means New and originates from Latin.
  • Novalee 

What other names is like nova?

If you like how the nova name meaning sounds, you might love these names that sound like Nova as well.

  • Name: Noa    

Means: Action
Birth: Hebrew 

  • Name: Genova

Means: New Wave
Birth: American 

  • Name: Nava

Means: Gorgeous
Birth: Hebrew 

  • Name: Neva

Means: Snow
Birth: Latin 

  • Name: Novella

Means: Fresh
Birth: Latin 

  • Name: November 
  • Name: Novia

Means: New
Birth: Latin

  • Name: Tovah 

Means: Good, Beautiful Thor, God is good,
Birth: Hebrew

What names like nova? Choose a name that’s like Nova, but a little different. 

  • Name: Aurora 

Means: Beauty of dawn
Birth: Latin 

  • Name: Dawn  

Meaning: The first look of light, sunrise
Birth: English

  • Name: Hailey 

Meaning: Hayfield
Birth: English 

  • Name: Kaya

Meaning: Yew tree, profile, smart child, relaxing place, home, the one with the gorgeous body, compassion
Birth: Turkish

  • Name: Celeste

Meaning: Divine
Birth: Latin 

  • Name: Luna

Means: The moon
Birth: Latin 

  • Name: Skye 

Birth: English

  • Name: Starla

Birth: Persian

  • Name: Stella

Means: Cosmic star
Birth: Latin

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