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The Surprising Facts About Newborn Snorting and Snoring

The Surprising Facts About Newborn Snorting and Snoring

When you give birth to your baby, it is considered as one of the best days of your life. After taking care of him or her for nine months in your belly, you will now be able to take care of your baby by helping them grow and adapt to the world. However, newborn babies are still fragile, hence it is perfectly normal to always monitor them even when they sleep. This is when some mothers tend to notice that their baby has been having breathing problems that if left untreated, may result to further complications.  If you have noticed that your baby might be snorting or even snoring, then you might want to know more about it before panicking.  

Is it normal for babies to snort or snore?

If you are worried about how your baby has been snorting or snoring while they are sleeping, these are some things you need to know first. When your baby is born, it is perfectly normal for him or her to have a stuffy nose since they have been surrounded by the fluid when they were still inside your womb. There will be times when they will have to sneeze so that they can let these leftover fluids out. This can often cause them to snort, however, if they have been doing it multiple times a day regularly, it might be something different.

Nasal congestion can be extremely uncomfortable, and for babies who are not even used to breathing normally yet, it can be even more uncomfortable. Keep in mind that nasal congestion usually lasts up to a week, but if you notice that your baby is having a hard time breathing through their mouth because of their stuffy nose, it is best to consult your pediatrician.

Most common causes and treatment

One of the main causes of their nasal congestion is the dry air, it basically dries up the sensitive lining of the nose. This is why some parents choose to have a humidifier around their house or their baby’s room. Nasal congestion is common during the winter, but keep in mind that there might be other reasons why your baby is snorting or snoring. 

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  • Common cold

Nasal congestion can often be caused by a cold. If your baby has a cold, his or her nostrils might be filled with mucus so the passage of the air through the nose can be difficult. A cold usually comes with a mild fever, so it is best to check your baby’s temperature often. If this is the case, you can simply get a simple nasal pump as well as a saline solution, but this should be under the supervision of your doctor. Do not give any type of medication or procedure to your newborn baby unless it was prescribed by the doctor.

  • Blocked nostril conditions

What most people do not know is that just because your baby’s nose is clogged, does not necessarily mean that they are suffering from nasal congestion. If their nose is blocked, it can lead to a serious condition known as choanal atresia. This is known to be a type of a severe congenital condition wherein the nostril is blocked by a cartilaginous structure. Aside from that, there is another condition known as the deviated nasal septum. This is usually caused by a crooked nasal passage which leads to the baby snorting and snoring. 

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One of the most common symptoms is when your baby is constantly having a runny nose. These cases are severe since your doctor may require your newborn baby to undergo surgery wherein they have to remove the bony structure blocking the nostril. If not, the doctors will have to drill the bone so the growth can be prevented.

  • Sleep apnea

If you think your baby’s snorting and snoring is simply caused by a clogged nose, then think again because it can lead to another severe condition known as sleep apnea. This happens when the airway of a baby’s nose is either slightly or completely obstructed. A snort and a snore coming from a baby, usually when he or she is asleep, may be caused by the blockage of mucus on the air passage. It can also be caused by the enlargement of tonsils, which creates a vibration on the neck that leads to snoring and snorting. This is not something a humidifier can fix so you must monitor your baby’s breathing.

One of the most common symptoms is when your baby wakes up out of nowhere feeling out of breath. When your baby seems like he or she is gasping for air while sleeping or when they wake up, it is ideal to set an appointment with your doctor right away. Although it is rare that your baby will need surgery because of sleep apnea, he or she must still be treated accordingly.

Emergency cases

Not every newborn baby snorts or snores, so it is ideal to keep an eye on their breathing at all times. If you notice that your baby’s breathing becomes erratic or if your baby suddenly stops breathing for a few seconds while sleeping, it is best to rush to the hospital. Your baby’s internal organs are still developing so not being able to have enough oxygen may lead to severe damage.

If the snorting and snoring become louder and more frequent, take it as a sign that your newborn baby needs medical treatment right away. Don’t take any chances since snoring and snorting as an adult can be dangerous, even more, when it is on a baby.

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Always bear in mind that in whatever situation, your baby’s safety is the most important matter. If you think that he or she needs immediate medical attention then do not hesitate to call your doctor about it. This is why having enough knowledge about certain things that are happening with your baby is essential. Every baby is different so be sure to ask your doctor as much as you can and let them know what is going on. This will help them identify what kind of tests they need to do to your baby if ever they make a diagnosis. It can be difficult since babies do not have the ability to tell where it hurts or how they feel yet, all they can do is cry. Keeping your baby safe and healthy is your main priority at all times.

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