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Things to Know About Being Bloated After Eating During Pregnancy

Things to Know About Being Bloated After Eating During Pregnancy

Every time you get pregnant, you get a different kind of symptoms and even challenges in your journey. You might be craving too much and instilling so much demand in your husband. Well, definitely that’s okay. The one thing that you wanted to make sure is that your baby is healthy and both of you are growing well accordingly. Thanks to your husband who doesn’t only spoil your wants but also protect and nourish your baby’s needs. As you grow into your pregnancy, you usually eat a lot of healthy foods and drink a lot of vitamins. One probable cause after that is bloating after eating during your pregnancy. Others even say that bloating can cause miscarriages. But what are the real possible reason lies behind in this situation and what can you do to get rid of bloating or bloatedness not only to monitor your health but most importantly is your baby’s health. 

Reasons why you are bloated after eating during pregnancy

It is believed that when you are pregnant, you are actually prone to painful gas during pregnancy which makes you bloated every time you eat. Right after this, aside from your baby which makes you feel heavy, you feel a little lot less heavier because of the gas that’s been coming right into your stomach. Note that this gas could be one probable reason why you feel so bloated after eating during pregnancy.

In fact, the reason that lies behind this is that when you are pregnant, you produce more progesterone which is in-charge in relaxing your muscles all throughout your body. As these muscles slow down towards digestion, your body leads into generating more gas that might feel you become bloated and burping from time to time which creates an uncomfortable and irritable moment for both you and your baby. For some reasons, they call it the “trapped wind during pregnancy

As you go through the process of being pregnant, your digestive track became slower and your growing uterus crowds your abdominal cavity which results in the latter. This makes you feel become more bloated than ever and wanting to release gas even more. Aside from this kind of experience, pregnant women can also have heartburn in pregnancy and/or constipation pregnancy during the third trimester which makes it a lot harder than you can ever imagine. On the other hand, women might have no symptoms, no constipation and no heartburn moments during pregnancy.

It is very uneasy and uncomfortably full after eating during pregnancy. As a normal person (not even pregnant, only pregnant with food) who experience this kind of situation is having a hard time dealing with feeling bloated right after eating. Our solution to solve this kind of problem is quite easier than pregnant people. Often, we just lose some bowel movement and everything might come into place again. It is true that mothers are real heroes, they’ve been into different kinds of circumstances that no one can ever surpass and achieve. 

Changing of Diet to ease bloatedness after eating 

As everyone knows, this is what usually the doctors and ob gyne requires. Change in a diet. Whether you are pregnant or not, doctors wanted to help you first through Lifestyle Changes before going on into procedural and medicinal processes. You don’t actually have to intake medicines right away when you are sick and most especially when you are pregnant. 

With this kind of happening, extreme bloating in early pregnancy can be avoided and can relieve gas by changing your diet or your plan’s meal. In order to achieve that, you have to set aside everything else that’s not necessary to your diet and make it a point that you follow all the necessary rules. 

Cutting the foods will eventually help you to eliminate the gas and pressure in your stomach during pregnancy. It is said to be the most efficient and effective way to relieve your uncomfortable. Also, stretches can help to relieve gas while pregnant. But for sure, removing some of the foods you need to intake might be quite hard for you as these may be one of your favorites. However, you still have to try and test it out for yourself to have a better and comfortable feeling not only for you but also for your baby. 

Foods that cause gas which needs to be less eaten. 

  • Dairy products: You probably won’t resist this but you have to. If you are lactose intolerant, you will certainly feel this gas and bloated after eating during pregnancy. You will never notice such symptoms until you eat dairy products often than before. If you think this is really the cause, try some foods with lactose-free milk or any calcium-fortified soy milk. This will eventually help you loosen up those gas right away. 
  • Starch: Not necessarily all foods with starch but try to limit yourself with foods with corn, wheat, and potatoes with it. Excluding the rise, because it probably doesn’t add much to make you feel gassy at all. Well, at least thanks for that! 
  • Whole grains, beans, and few vegetables. These kinds of food make you feel more bloated and gassy so we suggest taking a little break on this food. Vegetables that are needed to be taken accordingly are cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, and cabbage. You better take note of this and give some space for yourself to eat this for a little while. 

What should I do to relieve bloatedness? 

Eventually, you have to loosen up your diet more than you could ever think of. Think of it as a way of helping you reduce your weight and your baby’s weight in preparation for your delivery. There’s nothing wrong with eating a lot but eating too much is a different story. Each and every pregnant story has different kinds of observations and recommendations by the doctor. So here are some safety measures that you should do to help you lessen feeling gassy and bloated after eating during pregnancy. Make sure to follow these guidelines for a healthier you and your baby. 

  • Breaking down your meals into smaller ones and several times a day will help your gassiness feeling lose up and can speed up your digestion during pregnancy or be in its normal state. Create some pregnancy meal plan to help you in balancing your eating habits.
  • Don’t drink soda or carbonated drinks. This will not help you is making the gasless but it will eventually make you feel more bloated. 
  • Don’t chew gum or eat hard candies. 
  • Exercise to release those gas and keep you feeling healthy tight all through your journey. It doesn’t only helps you but it helps the baby a lot! Follow some diet tips for pregnant women too so you would be able to manage well your food intake and balance your health as well. 


That’s it! We hope you learn something and start making some changes to your diet to help you lessen being bloated after eating during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester (where in most cases happens). You may also try some home remedies for constipation during your pregnancy but consult first your doctor before anything else! Remember to avoid the worst foods during pregnancy and eat healthy foods a lot! Some of your body parts during pregnancy may feel pain too, so always be careful of what you eat and what you do. 

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