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Top Picks of Non-toxic Nail Polish for Kids

Top Picks of Non-toxic Nail Polish for Kids

Are you looking for a great and fun bonding between you and your little girl? Well, you can consider painting each others’ nails! As kids nowadays are fond of those colorful and glittery fingernails. Some even go for those fancy and sassy nail arts. Gazing at your nails neatly polished is pleasing to the eyes. It gives you the confidence of feeling more beautiful. As kids enjoy getting a colorful Mani and Pedi sesh with mom, you should consider getting non-toxic nail polish for kids as well. There are indeed some nail polish brands that seem too intense for your kids’ adorable hands. To get away from these kinds of nail polish, you will surely look for the best non-toxic nail-polish for kids out there! You don’t have to worry ‘cause here, we listed the perfect non-toxic nail polish for kids. Let’s have a rundown at them below.

What is the usual problem with nail polish?

One of the most toxic beauty products is conventional nail polish. It contains a variety of harmful chemicals and these chemicals bring harm to kids and pregnant women. These harmful chemicals include:

  • Formaldehyde: This chemical is a known carcinogen spotted in many nail polishes. It is a poisonous and colorless synthesized gas from the oxidation of methanol. It is also used as a histologic fixative, antiseptic, disinfectant, and general-purpose chemical reagent for laboratories. There are strict cautions to avoid skin contact or inhalation.
  • Toluene: It is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is colorless and water-insoluble liquid. Its smell is associated with paint thinners. It is a chemical that also causes dizziness and harm to the reproductive. It is also spotted in gasoline and there’s a warning that it may be a reason for problems with the central nervous system. 
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP): It is a chemical compound that is commonly used as a plasticizer which prevents nail polishes to become brittle. It also causes harm in the reproductive, especially in boys. This was classified in a high danger level as it can cause endocrine and organ disruption as well. Other assorted chemicals

Nail polish removers have the same problems as nail polishes and the odor is particularly harmful. On the bright side, there are non-toxic nail polish removers as well.

Are there any safe choices?

Stay away from conventional nail polishes especially if your kids love to paint their nails as well. Look for those with non-toxic ones so that your kids can enjoy them and use them often. We did thorough research to chunk down a few to try as many brands claim that they have safe and organic nail polish. We chose our top picks of the best non-toxic nail polish for kids. Read further to know them. Also, we based these options on the safety rating in the database of the Environmental Working Group. However, take note that even these safer nail polishes have still some chemicals in them. 

If you are someone who uses conventional nail polish for a long time, we recommend that you stop right now. You should also be cautious in disposing of it. This is because the United States Environmental Protection Agency classified nail polish as one of the household hazardous wastes. They required that it should be properly dumped in a hazardous waste disposal area. 

It is also important to keep in mind that nail salons don’t usually use non-toxic nail polish so it is better to avoid getting your nails done to them. As harmful chemicals may diffuse contaminating the air in the area. But if you want to go to one, you can try to ask them and take a look at the nail polishes and removers that they are using and opt for safer ones.

What are the top of picks non-toxic nail polish for kids?

Listed below are our top picks for non-toxic nail polish for kids. This will not only make your kids’ nails pretty but it will surely make their nails tough as well.

1. Piggy paint nail polish

This one’s got the award for the cutest name so it can be one of your kids’ favorites. This does also not remain on nails that long, but that would be alright if your kids love to alter their nail colors often. Piggy paint is considered one of the least expensive brands in the market as well. They manufacture adorable tiny nail art stickers in various designs so these will be perfect for your daughters as they are non-toxic nail arts. Just cover it with sparkly polish or a topcoat.

2. Acquarella nail polish

This nail polish garnered the top one spot in the database of EWG. Some opt to use this seldom because it’s pricey. These nail polishes are also wheat and vegan free, water-based, and free of chemicals stated above. This brand makes non-toxic nail polish removers as well. 

3. Suncoat nail polish

3. Suncoat nail polish

This brand also got the rank one from EWG. The interesting fact from this is that it doesn’t need nail polish remover as it peels off easily. This is also a water-based and vegan nail polish making it award-winning. 

4. Honeybee Gardens nail polish

Honeybee Gardens nail polish is another awesome water-based nail polish. With a little rubbing of alcohol, its nail enamel will be removed easily so you and your little one can skip applying nail polish remover. It also comes with different stunning colors such as Surf’s Up, Sweater Weather, and Hippie Chick.

5. Kid licks nail polish

5. Kid licks nail polish

This brand of nail polish is organic. It is made of vegetables and fruits making it edible as well! It is considered as one of the bestsellers on the market as it is always being sold out.

6. Keeki nail polish

This is a hundred percent non-toxic and biodegradable because it is free from harmful chemicals mentioned above. This brand will also make your home mani sesh super sweet from its delicious flavors like Blue Slushie, Glazed Donut, and dragon fruit.

7. Ella Mila nail polish

It is a fun nail polish having an adorable elephant logo, but its top advantage lies in its “7-free” formula and vegan content. It also has a wide range of finishes and color including sparkles. 

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