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Toddler Road Trip Activities and Games: 20 Ways that will Keep All Happy on Long Travels

Toddler Road Trip Activities and Games: 20 Ways that will Keep All Happy on Long Travels

Long road trips can be boring for kids especially if it is their first time. Sitting for long hours, being away from familiar places and faces can be a stress for them. But it is inevitable for kids to experience long journeys. Be it for visiting grandparents or for vacation and leisure, it is better to make sure that long road trips can be enjoyable for kids.

Expect that they will not just sit and sleep all the time. So aside from preparing food and additional clothes or bringing souvenirs to and from a trip, it is best to plan on road trips toddler activities for kids to make the travel less boring. And stress-free kids can mean stress-free parents and a stress-free journey as well.

So if you want your kids to let time passed unnoticed during travel, here are 20 toddler road trip activities and games that will keep all happy.

Onboard activities to choose from

Onboard activities to choose from

Let the kids have fun and choose from this list of toddlers’ travel activities.

Coloring books and crayons

Traveling or not, coloring is one of the kids’ favorite past time. You can buy economical coloring books or you can download, print and bind them days before travel. You can also use colored markers or pencils as a substitute for crayons.


There are toddler travel toys kids can bring, especially those that are their favorite. It can help them relax and enjoy themselves. Do not make them bring so many since kids may be overwhelmed and end up not playing with anything.

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Magnetic blocks 

For kids to enjoy playing and assembling blocks while on a road trip, parents can give them magnetic blocks. These are available in different colors and shapes and can enhance kids’ motor skills, imagination and creativity while on the road. These are available in online stores like Amazon.

Window markers

Kids like to write on anything. When they get bored, one option to make them enjoy is by giving them washable markers that can be used on car windows. You can just wipe it with a wet washcloth or baby wipes.


Kids love watching videos. Aside from short downloaded kids videos, movies and cartoons can be a great past time for kids. That equals one and a half-hour break while they are glued on the screen.

Kids love watching videos. Aside from short downloaded kids videos, movies and cartoons can be a great past time for kids. That equals one and a half-hour break while they are glued on the screen.

Audiobooks and music

You can download kids’ stories and songs as well for free and bring them while you travel. It can help kids to learn songs and be imaginative while listening to audio stories. 

WikkiStix for Doodlers

These handy doodle toy can enhance kids’ creativity and artistry. This is made from non-toxic food grade wax and hand knitting yarn. The package includes ideas and illustrations kids can copy and can make them busy for hours. These are compact and easy to carry.


Long trips can make kids hungry. In case there are no stop-over areas and you can’t dine in restaurants, bring easy to prepare and easy to eat meals. Packing your own meals can provide healthier options and it is much cheaper than eating out.  Just avoid food that drips and messy, remember, you are inside the car and on a long trip.


Children might like hearing your stories complete with colorful drawings so bring their favorite books or you can bring new books and read it to them for the first time. That will certainly get their attention for some time.

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Long trips can take children’s naptime and sleeping time. So be sure that you bring their favorite stuffed toys, pillows, and blanket. Make sure that the car seat and the car seat covers are properly installed for a safer and more comfortable trip.

Alphabet game

Take advantage of the long haul to teach kids the alphabet. There are alphabet activity kits that are perfect for traveling like Sesame Street Elmo’s On The Go Letters with fold-up carry case or the Janod Magnetic Book and the colorful Battat – Hide and Seek Alphabet Pop-up. That’s kids and letters without the mess.

Travel Hunt

You can download different pictures of things that can be seen in the travel. Make a lay-out from these, print it in paper and paste it in aboard. Tell the kids to encircle the things that they have seen while traveling.  

Melissa & Doug Tape Activity Book

Children love colors and playing with them. This 20-page tape activity book will help kids and adults enjoy while on the trip. The pages are reusable as you can remove the colored tape with ease without damaging the pages.

Twenty questions (or more) car game

You can prepare questions in cut out papers, roll and put it in an unbreakable jar. Let a kid pick one and answer the question. Wait for the others’ turn. Some can add follow-up questions and parents can join. These can also include road trip riddle games.

Connect 4 Grab and Go Game

This game requires an adult to assemble. But once the game started, let the kids enjoy. Beware of choking hazards and choose one with larger game pieces suitable for your kids.

Road trip bingo games or scavenger hunt

You can search the web for printable road trips activities like bingo cards. Kids can mark matching drawings in the card and what they saw outside the car until they form four straight marked items.

Letz Talk Conversation Starters For Kids

This set includes child-friendly questions that kids can answer and serve as conversation prompts. This will surely make travel fun and less stressful. 

Magnetic pattern activity

This can be done using an old tin lunch box and cut shapes in different colors. You can give kids drawings and patterns as their guide to forming it in the inside top cover of the box. The deeper inside of the lunch box will serve as the holder of the different pieces. Again, be wary of choking hazards. 

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase Building Kit

This package consists of 213 LEGO pieces kids can enjoy. Best bought with the LEGO Classic Blue Baseplate for easier building during travel. 

Mobile games and activities

You can download activities and road trip games suitable for kids in your mobile devices for an additional option. But be sure to let them use it in moderation.

Aside from these, there are many projects and activity kits parents can prepare for their kids to get by traveling with them with ease. 

A final note

Long travel can give parents and children a lot of bonding moments. Instead of making the trip boring and tiresome, these 20 toddler activities and games will surely make traveling stress-free and can make all happy. 

Have a happy family trip!

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