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Top 100 Baby Boy Names

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Having a baby is one of the most wonderful experiences that a parent may have. When you find out that you’re having a child, you start preparing to welcome the newest addition to the family. Some of these preparations include coming up with a birth plan, buying some baby essentials, and of course, thinking of baby names.

Parents name their babies based on gender and some other factors. Sometimes, they name their babies after a saint or a biblical character. Other times, they name their babies after their own names, or their parents’ or other relatives’ names. Some also want to consider other factors like the significance or meaning of the name. If you are having a boy, you’d want to consider some cool baby boy names.

While this might not be an A-Z of baby names, here are the top 100 baby boy names according to Social Security Administration. In other words, these are the most popular boys’ names in the U.S. You’ll find some names that are associated with places, animals, biblical characters or events, among others. There are a lot of English, Greek and Hebrew baby names to choose from. You’ll remember some famous historical figures, athletes, musicians, and celebrities with these names. Check out these baby names and their meanings and origins.

Let’s start with the top 10 baby names for boys:

  • Liam: strong mind and protection; unwavering protector; Germanic
  • Noah: comfort, wanderer, rest comfortably; Hebrew
  • William: strong mind and protection; protector; Germanic
  • James: substitute, following after; patron saint of Spain; Hebrew
  • Oliver: olive tree; elf warrior; Germanic
  • Benjamin: son of my right hand; Hebrew
  • Elijah:  Yahweh is my god; God the Lord; Hebrew
  • Lucas:  bringer of light; Greek
  • Mason:  stoneworker; French
  • Logan:  Little hollow; from a small hill; Scottish/Gaelic

Liam, Noah and William are the top three names for boys. Some famous people with these names are Liam Hemsworth, Noah Wyle, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Now let’s look at more baby boy names and meanings:

  • Alexander: protector of mankind; defender of men; Greek
  • Ethan: constant, enduring, long-lasting; Latin
  • Jacob: following after; Hebrew
  • Michael: Who is like God; Hebrew
  • Daniel: God is my judge; Hebrew
  • Henry: house ruler; German
  • Jackson: Godismerciful; Hebrew
  • Sebastian: revered one; Latin
  • Aiden: warm; Irish
  • Matthew: God’s gift; Hebrew
  • Samuel: to hear; Hebrew
  • David: beloved, adored; Hebrew
  • Joseph: He shall add; God raises; Hebrew
  • Carter: cart driver; Old English
  • Owen: born to nobility; warrior; Irish
  • Wyatt: courageous in battle; Old English
  • John: God’sgrace; Hebrew
  • Jack: Godismerciful; Hebrew
  • Luke: bringer of light; French
  • Jayden: Godhead; Hebrew
  • Dylan: sea; Welsh
  • Grayson:  to shine; Old English
  • Levi:  connected, united; Hebrew
  • Isaac:  one who brings laughter; Hebrew
  • Gabriel: God is my strength; Hebrew
  • Julian:  youthful; Latin
  • Mateo:  God’spresent; Hebrew
  • Anthony: priceless; worthy of admiration and praise; Latin
  • Jaxon: Godismerciful; English
  • Lincoln: from a lake; Old English
  • Joshua: God of salvation; Hebrew
  • Christopher: bearing Christ; Greek
  • Andrew:  courageous; Greek
  • Theodore: the gift of God; Greek
  • Caleb:  faithful; Hebrew
  • Ryan:  little ruler/king; Gaelic
  • Asher: lucky; Hebrew
  • Nathan: God gives; Hebrew
  • Thomas: twin; Greek
  • Leo:  lion; Greek

How do you find the first half of the list of baby boy names? Have you found the perfect name yet? If not, don’t worry, here are the remaining 50 out of the top 100 baby boy names:

  • Isaiah: salvation of the Lord; Hebrew
  • Charles: free man; Germanic
  • Josiah:  Godwill support; Hebrew
  • Hudson: son of Hugh/Hud; Old English
  • Christian:  anointed; Greek
  • Hunter: one who hunts; Old English
  • Connor: desire; Irish
  • Eli: high; Hebrew
  • Ezra: salvation; Hebrew
  • Aaron: shining light; Hebrew
  • Landon: long hill; Old English
  • Adrian:  rich; Greek
  • Jonathan: God gives; Hebrew
  • Nolan:  famous; Gaelic
  • Jeremiah:  exalted of God; Hebrew
  • Easton:  settlement to the east; English
  • Elias: the Lord is God; Hebrew
  • Colton: coal town; English
  • Cameron:  bent nose; Old English
  • Carson: unclear; Gaelic/Scottish
  • Robert: brilliant fame; Germanic
  • Angel: God’smessenger; Greek
  • Maverick: nonconformist; English
  • Nicholas: people triumph;
  • Dominic: Lord’schild; Latin
  • Jaxson: son of Jack; English
  • Greyson: the son of the steward; English
  • Adam:  earth; Hebrew
  • Ian: God’sgrace; Hebrew
  • Austin: useful; Latin
  • Santiago: St. James; Spanish
  • Jordan: descender; Hebrew
  • Cooper: a maker of barrels or tubs; English
  • Brayden: brave; Irish
  • Roman: coming from Rome; Latin
  • Evan: Godismerciful; Hebrew
  • Ezekiel: the strength of God; Hebrew
  • Xavier: new home; Spanish
  • Jose:  God raises; He shall add; Hebrew
  • Jace: healer; Greek
  • Jameson: son of James; Hebrew
  • Leonardo: strong like the lion; Germanic/Spanish
  • Bryson: son of a nobleman; English
  • Axel:  father of peace; Old English
  • Everett: strong boar; German
  • Parker: cultivated land; Old English
  • Kayden: son of Caden; English
  • Miles: army man; Germanic
  • Sawyer: woodsman; English
  • Jason: healer; Greek

There you have it, the top 100 baby boy names list. Now, how will you know if the name is perfect for your baby boy? The answer is, you’ll just know. If you can imagine calling your son that name, or if you can’t stop thinking about that name, that’s it. You might have found the perfect name for your beloved baby.

Remember to also let your spouse take part in choosing a name for your baby boy as parenting is about sharing roles and responsibilities. And your child might also want to learn about how he got his name. It’ll be nice to look back and tell your son that you and your partner both decided on his name. You don’t have to strictly follow the spelling, too. You can be a little bit more creative with coming up with the name. Naming your baby can be a wonderful memory for your family as well.

We hope that our list gives you some ideas about what to name your baby boy.

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