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Name Your Baby – Fascinating Hebrew Baby Names to Consider

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Babies are delightfully gifted from God. They are a blessing from God to give us unending laughter, abundant joy and also a fulfilling life. Babies are truly a miracle right from the moment a woman will conceive a child and until she will give birth to it. Nowadays, a lot of couples are starting to have their own families. And with this, a lot of cute little babies are being born, whether it may be a girl or a boy. 

Right before that scenario, there is one hardest decision that the parents should make. And that’s probably, Naming the baby. It might not be a major problem for a couple to decide whether who’s gonna name it. It might not be a big deal. But it might be one of the most sought after scenario after giving birth to a child. “What’s the name of Baby?” or “How am I going to call this cute little baby?”

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That’s why some of the parents choose the most uncommon and unusual name for their baby not just to be unique or different, but for their child to live simple. We know that these days, it’s really hard if you have four-five people in your group that have the same names as you. What are the odds?

Well, for you not to stuck on that much. Here is the list of Hebrew baby names that you just might want to consider naming your baby! We’ve got you a list of boys and girls, just in case you’ll get twins! 

Hebrew baby names for Boys

  • Nathan – Who wouldn’t deny to a sweet and charming name like Nathan? Nathan is derived from Hebrew which definitely means a Gift from God. Isn’t that Lovely? Nathan was also the name of the son of David and Bathsheba.
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  • Jordan – Aside from the fact that Jordan is incorporated with the NBA, Jordan has also been one of the most used names of the Hebrews. As we all know, this is the place where Jesus was baptized, the Jordan River. Jordan simply means “descender”. This would probably be a great name deal for your son! Jordan nowadays also can be named after a girl! That’s lovely huh?
  • Isaac – Isaac would be pretty much a lovely name for a boy. If you wanted your child’s personality to be fun or happy, you should probably name him after Isaac. It generally means “laughter” in Hebrews. Who wouldn’t want their child to become full of positivity?
  • Caleb – It is one of the most used names nowadays. In African, it is incorporated with the Old Testament Cain but in Hebrew, it means “faithful”, “dog”, or “bold”. It is also one of the Biblical names who set out with Moses from Egypt to enter the promised land and live long enough.
  • Kael – This name can be considered as a unique name but definitely the powerful ones. There is a lot of meaning embarked on this name. In Hebrew it means “faithful” but in Gaelic, it means “strong”. You wouldn’t want to argue with a Kael, because he is certainly faithfully strong.
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  • Asher – This name is not a popular singer so please don’t get confused. Asher on the other side means “fortunate” or “blessed”. If you want your child to experience abundant blessings or you want him to become a “blessing” to other people, This might be the right to pick. Famous people who gave their babies this name are Marshall Allman and Jamie Anne.
  • Levi – In Hebrew, Levi means “united” or “joined in harmony”. In the Bible, Levi is the third son of Jacob. Levi has name variations of Levy, Levon, and Lev. This is such an extraordinary name, a reason to become one and united.
  • Mateo – Is a bit kind of a handsome and sporty name for a boy. The one who is always actively involved and participating in every activity. No wonder, this name’s meaning is “Gift from God” or “Devoted to God”. Whether what kind of activity he’ll be joining, for sure he’ll offer his all-out effort to God.
  • Tobin – This is an unusual, unique and cute name for a baby boy that one might probably know. Tobin is a short name for Tobias and which means “God is good”. It feels like hanging out with a Tobin will surely make you feel safe and comfortable. Plus, Tobin can really be a charming and sweet boy.
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  • Jed – If you want a name that can easily be remembered, you might want to consider this one. Jed is a Hebrew name that symbolizes Beloved by God or Friend of the Lord. There are many name variations of this name such as Jedidiah, Jebediah, Jediah, and a lot more.
  • Elias – Elias sounds like a bad boy name who doesn’t want to follow the rules. But the real meaning of this name is “the Lord is God”.This name is a major variant of the name Elijah. Elias would probably be a great name for your child whose character might be strong and determined enough!
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  • Yonatan – Your reading the name right, it is Yonathan. Often in English, it is Jonathan. This uncommon name means “Yahweh has given” or “God’s Gift”. Yonatan was the best friend of King David and the son of Saul. This might be an unusual name but people will surely remember you.
  • Uri – Biblical name meaning “my enlightenment”, “God of light”, or “Lord is my light”. You definitely won’t see any darkness when you’re with a Uri. Who wouldn’t want their child to become a bearer of light? This name will work for those reasons!
  • Noam – If you want your child to become the conveyer of comfort and wanderer. Name him after Noam, it simply means “comfort” or wanderer”. This name is also traditionally given to girls in Israel.
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  • Dan – This name is very simple and easy to remember, (just like Jed) but it has a strong meaning underlying its name. Dan means “to judge” or “God is my judge”. For sure, on whatever purpose Dan might encounter it all ends down to the decision of his one truly judge.

Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

  • Anika – This is probably one of the cutest and astonishing names of a girl. Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by this name? Anika came from Hebrews which literally means “Gift of God’s favor”. Others claimed it that Anika is equivalent to “forgiveness” and “compassion”. Plus, you can call her by An, Nika, Ann or what other names you might have wanted to call her. She will surely forgive you if might have the chance to misspelled her name.
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  • Joelle – It may sound like a boy’s name, but Joelle is certainly for a girl. It means “The Lord is God”. Seems like if you’re really having twins, it is good to name them after Elias and Joelle as both names imply “the Lord is God”. There are also other names for Joelle like Joella, Joelah, Joelia and many others.
  • Elsa – The cold won’t bother you anyway because Elsa’s here! Don’t get confused again, Elsa is not just simple in Frozen but in Hebrew too. Elsa is a short name for Elizabeth which means “God’s oath”, “dedicated”, and “consecrated by God”. No wonder why Elsa in Frozen is that much more powerful! Let it go!
  • Mariah – This name can be considered as the common name that parents name their babies and kids. Simply because of its simplicity and its meaning. Mariah means “God is my teacher” and “Bitter; the star of the sea”. You wouldn’t see that coming don’t you? On the other side, Mariah is also a variation name of Moriah in Hebrew. Who knows? Your child might be the next Mariah Carey.
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  • Bethany – Oh Bethany, what a lovely and unique name you have. In Hebrew, it means “House of mercy”. Bethany is also a town in Jerusalem located at the foot of Mount Olives where Lazarus lives in the New Testament. This name is pretty unique for a baby girl doesn’t it?
  • Eve – What a sweet and loving name! Aside from all of us that she’s the one who ate the apple. Her name is the reason why we are still here. Eve’s name meaning is “Life”. As the Abraham religions implied, she is the first woman to walk on Earth. This time, I bet that girls run the world. Pretty sure that Eve won’t eat that apple again these days huh?
  • Jordan – Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. You read it right, Jordan can be a girl’s name too. Jordan hails from the meaning of “flowing down” and is still and a remarkable place where Jesus was baptized. You might consider this name when you have twins. Who knows? The other Jordan might be the one to enter the NBA industry.
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  • Ashira – Sounds like Shakira but it’s not. Ashira in Hebrew means “wealthy.” This might work for you if you want your kid to prosper in life in a positive way! Helping out people who are in need will be one of the greatest things to achieve!
  • Chagit – In Hebrews, Chagit means “festive” or “celebration”. Her name only appears as the mother of Adonijah, the fourth of David’s son. Chagit is a bit unique in all the girl’s names. If you want your child to be different among all, you better catch this name.
  • Dalia – What a bloomy and uplifting name! For instance, Dalia has three possible meanings, Dalia in Hebrew means “flowering branch”. For Mexico, Dalia is the national flower and at times Dalia is also referred to as the “valley flower”. Well, if you wanted your child to bloom and be remembered in abundant happiness that a flower may bring name her after Dalia.
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  • Gal – I bet you have heard of Wonder woman’s real name. Don’t you? Well in Hebrew, Gal means wave. So the next time you see Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman while you’re walking down the streets, don’t forget to call her and wave!
  • Kefira – Do you want your kid to be as brave as a lion? Then name her after Kefira. In Hebrew, this name defies young lioness. Without a doubt, your child might inherit the values of being a lion which is bravery! Plus, you can call her Fira which is such a unique nickname after all. Oh, did we forgot? This name could be ideal for a boy’s name! Sounds nice huh?
  • Nessa – In Hebrew, Nessa means a miracle. If you consider your baby not only a blessing but a miracle, It is very much rewarding that you name her after Nessa. It is definitely a cute name that any girl could ever have. Simple yet meaningful one.
  • Odelia – Have you heard this name many times? Odelia means “I will praise God”. This name has a lovely meaning embraced on it. It solely defies a person who is very dedicated to God and will serve him no matter what. For sure, there’s no reason that a parent wouldn’t want their children to praise the Lord with all her heart and mind.
  • Shai – Shai is considered to be a boy’s name. But most often, it is being named after a Girl. Thus, this name implies a “gift”. Parents consider the child as a present from God and that they should protect and nourish it until it grows. If you love your child so much and you are recognized her as a true gift from God, this name would probably be the best fit for your baby!
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That’s it! That’s everything you might want to know about naming your baby’s name. Whether it might be derived from an English, Irish or Hebrew. Inspirational, exceptional, or even the most meaningful and strong names. At the end of each day, it is always up to the family down to the parents on what they should name their baby. As everyone knows, names will always be an important part of a person’s life as they will bring forth remarkable recognitions to themselves. 

It is also very important that parents should think well about what’s going to be the name of their baby, as this matter will be permanent in their child’s life. Remember to choose the unique yet beautiful names with meaning for the kids and not just because it’s trending. 

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