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Unique Baby Names for Your Newborn That Means Intelligent or Smart

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No wonder that almost all parents want their babies to be smart, bright and intelligent. Parents want their kids to be happy and righteous but a lot of them know that being smart will help their kid be successful in like. So, most parents seek for baby names that mean smart, names meaning intelligent and beautiful, or names meaning wisdom and strength for their babies. However, even having a name that literally has a meaning like “wise”, “smart” or “wisdom”, not all babies can be actually smart and it can hurt parents. Well, kids need help and guidance from their parents as well.

Baby-names associated with “smart”

There are a lot of names that mean “knowledge seeker”. So, here is a list of some baby names that mean smart or often associated with smart and intelligent that you can add on your baby names list as well.


Albert is a name that means “noble” and “bright”. One of its famous namesakes is Albert Einstein which is one of the reasons why parents choose this name for their baby boy. Those kids whose name is Albert tend to be very capable of whatever they think of and are often wonderful leaders. Some with this name also become successful in their careers and often do great things. 


Fahima is a girl name from the Arabic origin and is one of the unique baby girl names meaning brilliant. This name literally means “a woman of great intelligence and knowledge” and often an interesting choice for most parents. Girls with this name are often mysterious and passionate about new ideas. They also love adventure and they love traveling; discovering new things. 


Tallis is a Persian name that means “wisdom”. It is also a unique choice for baby boys that is a future academic. Those who have this name like to focus on big issues and solve them. They also have a very strong personality and they never lost creativity. However, they can also be aggressive at times. 


Dara is a popular choice for baby names that mean smart among girls. It is of Hebrew or Irish origin that means “pearl of wisdom”. Girls with this name know the importance of love and they have the willingness to work with others to promote peace. Dara is also one of the names meaning thoughtful because they love the work of harmony and they think of other people.


James is a Hebrew name commonly given to boys and one of the most popular baby names that mean smart. It is often fit for any future intelligent boys who enjoy living and building their success in the spotlight and they also have this sense of creativity.


Shannon is an Irish name and one of the girl names that mean wise. Shannon literally means “old and wise” and girls with this name tend to be practical and good at managing their money as well as their time. They also tend to have a strong sense of leadership because they are cautious enough and conservative. Lastly, they tend to think about things at a deeper level. 


Quinn is seen as one of the smart last names but nowadays, it is often given to boys and girls as their first name. Quinn means “descendant of Conn, chief leader, intelligence” or “counselor and intelligent man”. People with this name are also creative that’s why it is also considered to be one of the girl names that mean creative aside from baby names that mean smart. They often surround themselves with beautiful things and have a sense of inventive intelligence.


Mackenzie is a unisex name nowadays and often means “son of the wise ruler”. People with the name Mackenzie have a deep love for nature and outdoors. It is a perfect name if you want your child to be a botanist, ecologist or paleontologist. 

There are still a lot of baby names that mean smart but we listed down the unique yet meaningful names for your babies. Parents often consider these names as lucky baby names to empower their children’s future. 

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