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Two-syllable Male Names Short but Meaningful

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Do you tend to be picky when choosing names for your baby? We do feel you. Giving names is challenging and yet an exciting task. Choosing an inappropriate name may cause blunders and awkwardness to your child when he grows up. He might end up hiding behind aliases and nicknames to cover up his real name.

Now you know it’s for real. You’ll be having a baby boy soon. For now, you have been busy preparing your little boy’s needs. His cute rompers and onesies. Loveable gloves and mittens. It’s not hard to purchase baby products now because you already know the gender of your baby. You will head up to the store’s baby cribs and beddings. You prefer all in the shade of blue. The nursery is also having its final touches to welcome your most cherished baby boy.

What’s next? It’s time to give your baby boy a striking name that you think might fit his personality. You can also consider naming him based on the time he will be born, or your interests and likes. But this time, you want it to be short and simple. How about a two-syllable name for your bouncing baby boy? Sounds interesting? Here are short baby names that hide a myriad of wonderful meanings.

Ahmir: An Arabic name which means “ruler.”

Ryan:  Of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic roots which means “little king.”

Adam: Tracing its roots from the Hebrew, it means “man” and “born from the earth.” The most notable Adam is the Biblical character from the Book of Genesis, the first man God created.

David:  can either be a masculine name or a surname. Tracing its roots from English, French, and Hebrew, it means “darling” or “beloved.” He is the greatest king of Israel during the 10th century BC.

Alden:  means “a wise friend.”

Christian:  an English name which means “follower of Christ.”

Atlas: Of Greek roots, meaning “enduring.” Atlas is also a term for a collection of maps. He is the Greek Titan who was condemned to hold up celestial heavens.

Bryant:  a Celtic baby names meaning “strong.”

Andrew:  Comes from the Greek word ‘andros’ which means “strong,” “courageous” and “manly.” In the Bible, Andrew is one of the twelve apostles.

Jasper: Of Persian origin meaning “bringer of treasure.”

Enzo:  is short for Lorenzo. It has an Italian origin which means “giant” or “ruler of the home.” This fits on boys who are family-oriented, compassionate and nurturing.

Ashton: comes from the name of an Old English place that means “ash tree town.”

Dylan : a name of Welsh origin fitted to boys who love the sea. It is the name of a mythological character that means “son of the sea,” “son of the wave” or born from the ocean.

Kevin:  is of Irish and Gaelic origin that translates to “kind, honest, and handsome.”

Landon:  Derived from an English place which means “from the long hill or ridge.”

Noah:  of Hebrew origin meaning “to rest” or “take comfort.”

Kian: A variation of the Irish name Cian which means “ancient.” In Persian, it means “king.”

Kobe: Of Swahili origin meaning tortoise. Famous Kobe includes basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

Hudson:  is of English and Scottish origin which means “heart, mind, spirit or power.” It also means “strong.”

Hunter: one who hunts. This name fits adventurous boys who love excitement and freedom.

Griffin:  from the Welsh culture which means “one who is strong in his faith.”

Owen: also from the Welsh culture which means “the one who is well-born,” and “a warrior.” It also translates to “youth.”

Liam:  with its Irish roots, it means “strong-willed,” “warrior,” and “protector.” This two-syllable male name fits achievers and goal-oriented individuals. It is also a cuter variant of the name William.

Dante: a classic favorite of Latin origin meaning “everlasting.” This name exudes power and toughness.

Ethan:  With Hebrew origin that translates to “solid” and “enduring.”

Phoenix: means “dark red.” It is also the mythological immortal who was consumed by fire and rose again from his ashes. It is also the name of a place in Arizona.

Rhythm: This means a regular and repeated pattern of movement and sound. Just make sure that the baby can keep a beat when he grows up.

Eli:  is of Hebrew origin which means “my God,” “high” or “elevated.” In the Bible, Eli is a judge and a priest who brings up the prophet Samuel. When spelled as Ellie, it can be used as a girl’s name.

River: literally means “a flowing body of water.”

Eric:  coming from the old Norse, it means “eternal ruler.”

Dustin:  with Norse origin, meaning “brave warrior.”

Cullen: A Gaelic name which means “good-looking lad,” or “handsome.”

Aiden:  Tracing its roots from the Irish and the American, it means “little fire.”

Daniel: from Hebrew which means “God is my judge.”

Coda:  (also, Koda) the final passage that brings a piece to an end. It will be nice to give the name Coda to the last baby of the family.

Felix:  the name of Roman origin means “happy and successful.”

Nico:  A nickname of Nicholas or Niccolo and Dominico, Nico means “people of victory.”

Bradley:  is derived from an English surname which means “broad meadow.”

Dexter:  derived from the Greek word that means “right-handed, “fortunate,” and “skilled.”

Caleb:  of Hebrew origin meaning “wholehearted.” It is a popular Biblical name that also means “devotion to God.” 

Dallas:  it can either be a first name or a surname of Scottish and English origin meaning “from the waterfall.”

Alec : A short from the Greek name Alexander which means “defender of men.”

Jordan: of Hebrew origin that translates to “flowing down.” Although often used on males, this two-syllable name can also fit on your gorgeous girl.

Although giving names can be tough, access to choosing names is numerous. Baby books offer name suggestions. Online resources abound. All you have to do is research and you can find innumerable names that will fit your little ones. I hope you considered these two-syllable male names for your list of choices.

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