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Ways And Techniques To Protect Your Sexual Life From Your Kids

Having children can ruin your sexual life. Parents, especially moms started neglecting her sex life, only because of the new requirements she is needed to do during the day as well as the night. How stressful it is to wake up more than 5 times at night; your concern will just be on the ” when can I have some rest?” sex is the last thing to think about. knowing how to manage all the new things going on in your life as a new parent is just a matter of time and experience, the more you will be getting used to the new situation the more controlling you will be about your life, including your sexual life.

A week ago, as I was lying in bed trying to sleep with a diaper on my cheek, I wondered why kids can’t suck their parents.

My kids don’t know what sex is (I don’t think despite the fact that I could curse it), but they are a bit cynical that they can be skillful because it interferes with the real actions that brought them here.

When I saw my son snoring with his head pressed against my husband’s chest, I thought about how I ended up with the double smell of closing the deal.

Then I thought about how we need to take care of our sexual life and prevent it from being on the way to rich family life.

Here Are Five Ways, We Do So:

Get a Babysitter.

Get a Babysitter
Get a Babysitter

Only grandparents are better than responsible high school nurses who keep their children safe and fun for a small fee.

Can I have an “Amen”? From time to time you can go on a date just to leave the children in the house in good hands and have time to invest in our marriage.

And despite the fact that we still have to do it, there is something sentimental and frankly erotic about a nanny who comes home and goes to the hotel.

Who said date night was supposed to be dinner and a movie?

Proceed a “Back To Bed” Strategy.

Proceed a "Back to Bed" Strategy
Proceed a “Back to Bed” Strategy

I already told you about my nappy. (sexual life)Especially when our future roommates are infinitely comfortable, I’m not very good at sticking to that.”

My little boy is tired of being in the biggest bedroom I’ve ever seen.

Obviously, it was a big bet, because he insisted on making the arrangement forever.

He shouts in the middle of dinner. It’s especially spaghetti night, I’m a little scared before I realized I was crying wolf. Spaghetti vomit is common.

But I quickly realized that.Yup.”

To avoid the end of a night of anger and General insecurity, we have a commitment.

We let him sleep in our bed and my husband takes him upstairs when we are ready to hit the bag. Never refuse this deal with my son and go to his bed immediately.

I think that we will be able to overcome this stage earlier, but so far we are doing well.

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Lock The Door.

Lock the Door
Lock the Door

In a closed space, especially without children, it was possible to unite. If you don’t close the bathroom door every time you pee, you just have to be a gang of miniature witnesses of married people for hours on end.

If you need us, we will definitely stop doing what we do and stay with them, but the lock on the door at least won’t let us.

Be in Bed Early — Or At Least on Time.

Be in Bed Early — Or At Least on Time
Be in Bed Early — Or At Least on Time

A good night’s amazing moments of the day when I can do what I want without sticking to anything.

When the kids go to bed, I start a crazy fight to finish everything I couldn’t do during the day. It’s when I write, when I wash, when I do the dishes, it’s also when I try to reunite with my husband. Don’t get me wrong there was a time when it was never too late to have sex in our marriage.

But now, especially with children, the dream is beautiful, and I’m not going to sacrifice it for sex. Having sex on time will always allow a window of opportunity to be open to romance.

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