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What Causes Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy?

One of the most common symptoms experienced during pregnancy is cloudy urine. While this can be concerning, it’s important to understand what causes this symptom and how to address it.

Let’s take a look at why you might experience cloudy urine during pregnancy and what you should do if you experience it.

What causes cloudy urine?

Cloudy urine is typically caused by an infection or an increase in white blood cells due to inflammation. Pregnant women are more susceptible to urinary tract infections because the uterus puts pressure on the bladder, making it difficult for urine to flow freely.

This allows bacteria to build up in the urinary tract and cause an infection. Additionally, pregnant women have increased levels of estrogen which can alter their bodies’ pH levels, further increasing the risk for infection.

The most common cause of cloudy urine is a urinary tract infection (UTI). Other potential causes include kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), bladder infections, and yeast infections.

It’s important to seek medical attention if you notice any changes in your urine so that your doctor can diagnose the cause accurately.

If left untreated, UTIs can lead to more serious issues like preterm labor or low birth weight.

Treating cloudy urine during pregnancy

Antibiotics or medication may be prescribed by doctor for cloudy urine during pregnancy. Follow doctor’s instructions, drink plenty of water, practice good hygiene with unscented natural products to prevent UTIs or infections.

What Doctors Are Saying pregnant women


Cloudy urine during pregnancy can be treated properly by visiting a doctor and understanding the causes. Stay hydrated and practice good hygiene to prevent UTI or infections. A healthy delivery can be ensured by following preventive measures .

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