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What to wear to a baby shower

Baby showers are a chance for friends and family to celebrate new life, so it’s important to look and feel your best. But what to wear to a baby shower?

Whether you’re the guest of honor or a friend attending the shower, here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect outfit.

Dress for the occasion

When picking out an outfit for a baby shower or a gift for the newborn, the most important thing is that the occasion is taken into account.

Baby showers tend to be fairly casual affairs, so save your fanciest dress for a more formal setting. Opt for something comfortable like a sundress or jeans and a nice top.

You want to be dressed appropriately but still feel comfortable throughout the day.

What to wear to a baby shower: Think about the theme

Depending on who is hosting the shower, there may be a theme you need to take into account when selecting an outfit.

If it’s being hosted at someone’s house and there’s no specified theme, avoid anything too loud or flashy – although you don’t have to play it safe either!

Be creative with colors and patterns while still keeping it simple and comfortable.

Accessorize & Layer Up

Once you have your base outfit sorted, accessorizing can take your look from good to great!

Add some jewelry or a statement clutch to give your outfit an extra pop of color or texture, and layer up if necessary – especially if there are any chilly drafts in the air!

A light cardigan or scarf can make all the difference without making things too hot under the collar (literally).

Dressing for baby showers is all about picking something that feels special without going overboard.

Remember that comfort should always come first – after all, if you don’t feel relaxed in what you’re wearing then chances are nobody else will either!

With these few tips in mind, finding your perfect baby shower ensemble will be easier than ever before. Good luck!

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