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What to Wear When Giving Birth for Comfort and Confidence?

What to Wear When Giving Birth for Comfort and Confidence?

If you are an expectant mom, sure, your hospital bag is packed, set and ready to move. You packed many coming home outfits for baby and a few choices for yourself, as well. You have a sweet little knit hat, nursing bras, and toiletries. 

But have you considered what to wear when giving birth? 

In the great plan of things, what you will be wearing while in labor and delivery is not that important. Although the hospital or birthing center will give you a delivery robe and matching swaddle for you to wear, you might want to take the decisions in your own hands. 

“tips and information will guide you on finding something that’s easy and comfortable”

Buy Your Gown  

If you choose not to wear a birthing skirt, you can shop your own. Special button front nightie and hospital gowns have become the housing industry, especially on online websites like eBay and Etsy.

Several retailers are selling gowns to supply the demand from pregnant women who want to prefer to use maternity clothes after delivery. The chances are high these days that a picture or two will be posted on social media for your family and friends to see. Other expectant moms just want to wear mommy gown that is comfy and practical without sacrificing style. 

There are push delivery gowns with halter ties to make skin-to-skin interaction and breast-feeding your infant easy and fast. Other birthing gowns have open backs for availability if you are having an epidural.

Hospital-Issued Labor Gowns 

While this isn’t the most favorable and best labor and delivery gowns, they are functional. The snap makes it easier to get on and off with no to pull them over the head. They are made to be loose fit for easy access. Also, you can change into a new gown when you want to 

Birthing Wraps 

These are wrap dresses that cover you completely. But also give comfort and easy access. These come in unique designs, styles, colors, and even fabric materials. Look around for something that you’re looking forward to wearing.

The only downside of this birthing wraps is the cost. You will have to assess yourself if it’s worth shelling out $40 up to $100 for a dress you will only wear once. 

Your Clothing

For some mothers, wearing a comfy old t-shirt provides a sense of intimacy. This can be ideal during the contractions and delivery. But be advised, giving birth can be complicated. One benefit of having hospital-issued labor gowns is that you won’t mind if they are damaged during childbirth.

If you want to wear your mommy’s own gown or clothing, choose something loose on the top. Since there will be more action below your belly, pair of sleeping shorts and pajamas aren’t necessary.

For example, you could wear a pair of good sports bra or a nursing top with an extra-large tee. Or, you can just wear a nursing bra for support. Make sure that your bras and type of clothing are free of metal. If you will be giving birth through cesarean, metals can cause due to electrocautery device, the instrument used to clip and cauterize


Therefore, the bottom line, when you’re in labor, your what to wear when giving birth clothing must help you feel strong, capable, and a lovely woman that you are. The choice of what to wear when giving birth can be silliest of the decisions you choose that day, but you may realize giving birth in your clothing or gown to be the first stage towards more inspiring labor and childbirth.

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