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Mother Knows Best: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop a Tantrum Before it Starts

 Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child throws her tantrums outside the elevator or inside the grocery store? Irritating, right? But like their parents, we need to understand and be knowledgeable about how to deal with temper tantrums. These 5 sure-fire ways to stop a tantrum before it starts can help you prevent their outbursts. 

1. Give them some distractions 

How to stop a temper tantrum in seconds? Give them some disturbances. For example, your child is begging for too much ice cream, tell him something that can distract him like “I think yogurt would be better than ice cream. Let’s go. Mommy will create a delicious yogurt dessert for my little one”. This can make them forget the ice cream that they are looking for. You can also distract him by acting silly faces and throwing some funny jokes to make them laugh. This is an excellent addition to the 5 sure-fire ways to stop a tantrum before it starts. 

2. Keep calm 

The best among the 5 sure-fire ways to stop a tantrum before it starts that you should remember is to keep yourself calm. If you see them beginning to have their tantrums over nothing, don’t be upset with them. 5-year-old temper tantrums or 7-year-old temper tantrums can never be resolved by your anger. In addition to this, when calming them, never yell or spank at them because this can trigger their outbursts even more. Try to understand them and talk to them in a proper way. Inhale, exhale, and stay calm. Remind yourself that your child is not the only one who has tantrums, but all the kids are experiencing this kind of situation.  

3. Let them have a little control over what they want 

One of the best ways on how to stop tantrums in 2-year-old is by giving them a little bit of independence. For example, your child is watching her favorite Disney movie, but it is time to take a bath, you can apply this way to avoid her tantrums. Tell her, “Do you prefer to take your bath now or after the show? You choose,”. In this way, you can make them feel that they have the independence they need. 

4. Avoid keeping them tired and hungry 

How to stop temper tantrums in adults? Never let them become tired or hungry. The same goes for the kids. These are the main reason why children are having their temper tantrums. When you are traveling with your kids, make sure that you bring healthy snacks for them. You can also let them have their nap to avoid any irritation once they are tired. This is one of the 5 sure-fire ways to stop a tantrum before it starts that should be added to your list. 

5. Give them the proper attention that they need 

Most of the time, children can’t use their words to say the things that they want. They use tantrums to indicate their needs. Keep in mind that for you to avoid strong-willed 2-year-old tantrums, make sure that you can attend to their needs. In this way, you can make them feel that they are understood. And once they think that they are valued and appreciated, rest assured that they will hear and appreciate your guidance. 

Why are children having tantrums?  

Hunger, uncomfortable feelings, and tiredness are said to be the main reasons why tantrums occur. If they can’t have the things they want, there is a higher tendency that they will have their tantrums. Tantrums are said to begin when the child turns two years old. This is also the stage where they develop their language skills. Because they don’t have the ability to speak yet, their frustrating experience can be expressed through their tantrums. 

Coping with your child’s tantrums 

There is no doubt that tantrums are not easy to deal with. It is very stressful, frustrating and irritating. But to keep everything in perspective, here are ways to help you keep calm and keep everything in place. 

  • You need to develop a plan in dealing with temper tantrums management. You need to have your own strategy in dealing with this situation. 
  • You need to keep up your sense of humor. But keep in mind that you are not allowed to laugh at your child’s tantrums. Laughing at his tantrums can make him more upset. 
  • Take note that if other people throw dirty looks towards you when dealing with your child’s tantrums, so be it. Don’t pay attention to them. Maybe those people have forgotten how it feels to handle the tantrums of their children or maybe because they never had a child. 
  • You need to accept the truth that you can’t control the behavior of your kids directly. All you need to do is to guide their behaviors to lessen their tantrums in the long run. 
  • You also need to take note that this is happening because a lot of changes are happening to them. Tantrums are part of those changes.

What are the things that trigger your child’s tantrums? 

  • Too much stress
  • Hunger 
  • Tiredness 
  • Overstimulation 
  • Strong emotions like fear and anger 
  • Their temperament 

What to do after their tantrums? 

Keep in mind that it is not advisable to give in when they are having their tantrums. This can make them feel that what they do is effective. They are most likely to do it again. The best thing to do after their tantrums is to praise them by saying these powerful words, “I like how you calmed down my little one” You can hug and assure your kids that you love them no matter what happened. You also need to ensure that they are having enough sleep, which is essential in reducing their tantrums. 

When is the best time to ask for a doctor’s help? 

If you can’t handle your child’s tantrums and you experience the following situation, then it is the best time to ask for the doctor’s help: 

  • When you feel like giving in 
  • When you notice that your child is hurting himself 
  • When you feel like you are too angry and having no self-control in handling his tantrums 
  • When your child is not cooperating and hard to deal with 
  • Your child’s tantrums become too frequent 

Tantrums are very complicated and can be frustrating for parents like you. When you see yourself having trouble in dealing with your child’s tantrums, these 5 sure-fire ways to stop a tantrum before it starts can help you prevent and manage your child’s outbursts. Help your child overcome this situation.  

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