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Two-Syllable Baby Girl Names That You Will Love

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Two-Syllable Baby Girl Names That You Will Love

Sometimes choosing a name for our baby girl is hard and complicated. We want to consider many things to select the right one. We want to ensure that we are giving them a not so complicated name. Good thing there are lots of two-syllable baby girl names available on the internet that we can choose from. These names are very simple, cute and not hard to spell. 

Here are some of the baby names and their meanings for your little girl: 

  • Audrey 

The first on our list of two-syllable baby girl names is Audrey. This addition to the fabulous girl names conveys a meaning of excellent strength. What an inspirational girl’s name!

  • Cadence 

Another great addition to the two-syllable baby girl’s names is Cadence. This name has a definition of “rhyme”. This name is trendy in some places in the United States. This one is often pronounced as kay-dence. 

  • Addi 

Among easy to spell girl names, the name Addi is a great option for your baby girl. This name conveys a godly meaning of “created by God”. What a fantastic name! 

  •  Emma 

If you want a name that sounds sweet and innocent, then the name is Emma is an excellent choice for you. This gorgeous name is one of the two-syllable girl names ending in a that you should consider in your list. Are you familiar with Emma Watson and Emma Roberts? They are both beautiful women with fabulous careers. This name is suited for your gorgeous little girl. 

  • Chloe 

Blooming and verdant are the two words that best describe the name, Chloe. This fantastic name is commonly used as a modern girl’s name. The name Chloe is renowned as an excellent addition to beautiful girl names. 

  • Giselle 

Oh my Giselle! What a lovely name for your baby girl. This is one of the pretty baby girl names that you should take into considerations. This one has the meaning of “pledge”. So you can pledge your love for your little one by giving her such a cute name. 

  •  Hailey 

What a very feminine name! This is one of the most used two-syllable baby girl names. This name conveys a meaning of “from the hay clearing”. This is one of the top girl names nowadays, and you will surely love this too.

  • Kira 

One of the cute uncommon baby girl names that you can use is the name, Kira. This name means a “black-haired” woman. This is not suggested to use if your little angel is not a black-haired. 

  • Lea 

Another gorgeous baby girl names that you can opt for your little one’s name is Lea. Despite its meaning “weary” it is still advisable to use this beautiful name. Remember Lea Thompson? She proved that this name isn’t bad, after all. 

  • Paris 

Our list of two-syllable baby girl names will never be complete without the name Paris. Every one of us loves the place of Paris. This name is perfect for our future diva. This one is an elegant and fabulous name. Remember Paris Hilton? She is one of the proofs that Paris is an excellent name for your little angel. 

  •  Riley 

Riley is one of the cool baby girl names. This name conveys the meaning of “courageous”. If you are one of those soon to be mothers who don’t know the gender of their baby, Riley is an excellent option for you since it is a unisex name. 

  •   Tegan 

What an adorable name for your little angel! The name Tegan means pretty. This is suitable for your cute and sweet little angel. Just like the name Riley, Tegan is also a unisex name. 

  • Xandra 

Defender of the people is the best meaning associated with this name. This two-syllable name is considered a rare one since as of 2016, there are more or less 500 baby girls who were given this name. 

  •  Sara 

The name Sara has a meaning of “Princess”. This name is a perfect choice for your princess. What a lovely name for a beautiful little girl! 

Congratulations on having a new little angel in your family! Your journey to motherhood has started. Part of your motherhood is choosing a name for your baby and it’s challenging for some moms. That’s why we come up with the idea of having a list of two-syllable baby girl names. We hope that this can help you choose the right name for your beautiful little angels.

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