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When can you find out the gender of your baby?

For expectant parents, one of the most exciting moments is when they find out the gender of their baby. While there’s no wrong way to find out, or even whether you choose to find out at all, it can be helpful to know when you can expect an answer to one of life’s biggest questions!

When can you get a gender ultrasound?

The most reliable way for expecting parents to find out the gender of their baby is through ultrasound.

Most doctors will be able to tell the gender by 18-20 weeks gestation, but if your baby is in a difficult position, it may not be possible until later in the pregnancy.

It’s important to remember that while ultrasound is a great tool for determining gender, it isn’t always 100% accurate and parents should take any results with a pinch of salt.

boy or girl ultrasound
Boy or girl

What if I don’t want to know the gender?

Many couples opt not to know their baby’s gender and prefer to wait until after birth. This decision can be based on personal preference or cultural beliefs.

There are also some non-invasive prenatal tests available that allow expecting parents to find out the gender without undergoing an ultrasound scan or having any contact with medical professionals.

These tests are based on analyzing fetal DNA from a blood sample taken from either parent and are 99% accurate in determining gender from as early as 9 weeks into pregnancy.

However, these tests come with an added cost (around $200) and do not provide any medical information about your baby like an ultrasound would.

Overall, deciding when and how you want to find out your baby’s gender is totally up to you! It’s important that whatever method you choose fits your family values and beliefs and makes everyone feel comfortable.

With advances in technology there are lots of options available for finding out – so don’t forget to ask your doctor what possibilities exist for you! 

Ultimately, however you decide to find out the gender of your baby (if at all) will be a special moment for you and whoever else shares in this experience – so enjoy!

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