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Is it a Boy or a Girl? Which Gender is More Active in the Womb?

How can we say that a pregnant woman is having a baby boy or a girl? A lot has been said about this. Some believe that the baking soda gender test is effective while others do not.  Although there are more accurate medical procedures to know it, others based their beliefs on their experiences and know some tips and signs to know the baby’s gender. One of which they say is how the baby moves inside the mommy’s tummy. If you’re baby keeps on moving and tumbling inside you, what could this mean? Which gender is more active in the womb?

Feeling babies’ movements

A baby’s movement starts around week 7, although it is hardly noticed. Quickening or those noticeable baby’s first movement should be felt around week 16 to 25 of pregnancy. But there are those who feel it earlier t the 13th week.

These are some contributory factors to babies’ movement while inside their mommies’ tummies. 

  • The position of the placenta can dictate the fetal movement. Usually, what people noticed is the movement in the front of the abdomen than that at the back of it. If the placenta is positioned in the front of the uterus, it can serve as a cushion so a pregnant woman doesn’t feel how active the baby is.

  • Are you a busy preggy mommy? Chances are you won’t feel as much as the baby’s tumbling and movement as compared to when you are just sitting or lying still. This is why some pregnant mothers assume that their babies are active during the night. But the truth is that they feel all the movement because they are at rest. 

  • A woman carrying a little more weight is almost the same as those who have an anterior placenta or when the placenta is positioned in front of the abdomen. That added fat serves as a cushion that the mother cannot easily feel the baby’s movements.

Take note!

It is better to record or write down your baby’s movement. No fetal movement can be serious and too much of it can mean that the baby is in distress. You can ask your medical provider with regards to this.

But usually, fetuses are just like human beings. There are times when they are active and there are times when they are not. Also, during the last stages of pregnancy, it is always normal for babies to rest after minutes of being active. They also don’t usually move while sleeping. That is why mommies can’t feel any movements during these times.

Pregnancy and baby development vary. So their movements are also different from each other.

What does a super active baby in the womb mean?

Overall, you don’t have to worry when babies are active in the abdomen. That can mean that the baby is doing well. The fetus also moves as they react to what happens in the environment.

Stimulants like coffee, tea, and sugar can make your baby more active that is why it is recommended to pregnant women who don’t feel movement in their tummies. But otherwise, it is better to shun away from this during pregnancy.

Old wives’ tales

A popular myth suggests that during pregnancy, there is a difference between a baby boy and a girl’s movement. It is said that boys are more active than girls but there is no medical basis yet for its accuracy. Your doctor can do some prenatal exams and ultrasound for a more accurate result.  An active baby in the womb doesn’t also mean a hyperactive child upon birth. You cannot also conclude that an active baby in the womb means early labor.

Final words

Pregnancy differs from one to another. That is why there are women who assumed that her second baby will be the opposite sex of his firstborn because o the difference in its movement while inside the tummy. Which gender is more active in the womb? A study reveals that more fetal movements do not equate to a bouncing baby boy. If you are excited to know your baby’s gender, you can do so in the 20-week anatomy scan for a more accurate result.

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