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Why do babies cry in their sleep?

Why do babies cry in their sleep? If you’re a new parent, chances are you’ve heard your baby crying in their sleep. It can be quite an alarming experience, especially if you find yourself unable to comfort them.

But rest assured, it’s perfectly normal behavior for babies and toddlers to cry during their sleep. Let’s take a look at the reasons why this might occur.

Why do babies cry in their sleep? – Dreams and Nightmares

Just like adults, babies dream during their sleep. In fact, newborns actually spend more time dreaming than adults do.

Why do babies cry in their sleep?, baby dreaming, newborn crying
Why do babies cry in their sleep?

While most of these dreams are pleasant experiences that your baby won’t remember the following day, sometimes they can become nightmares or night terrors that cause your baby to start crying.

There’s no real way of preventing these dreams from occurring — it’s just part of growing up!

Growth Spurts

Babies may also cry during their sleep due to growth spurts. Growth spurts happen when babies experience rapid physical development as they grow older.

During this time, babies often become hungry and will cry out for food during their sleep.

Generally speaking, offering your baby a snack before bedtime can help soothe them throughout the night if they’re going through a growth spurt.

It’s Important to Note…

It’s important to note that there are some medical issues that could be causing your baby to cry in their sleep.

If your infant is consistently having difficulty sleeping or is crying out for long periods of time on a regular basis without any apparent reason, it may be worth reaching out to your pediatrician for advice or scheduling an appointment with them to discuss further options.

Crying in sleep is usually nothing to worry about when it comes to babies and toddlers—it’s totally normal behavior!

However, if you’re concerned that something else might be wrong it’s always best to contact your pediatrician just in case there are any underlying medical issues at play.

With that being said, try not to worry too much; chances are your little one is simply dreaming or going through a growth spurt! Happy parenting!

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