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Frequent Mistakes Parents Make That are Ruining Their Baby’s Sleep

For new parents, one of the challenging parts is making a fussy newborn sleep and there are certain mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep. There are instances in which even the best-behaved babies lack sleep. Remember that there is no standard rule in getting a baby into sleep.

Babies are no different than adults when it comes to sleep. Remember that there are several mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep.

A close look at the mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep

It is vital to identify these mistakes and deal with them as soon as possible. We should take a glimpse at several of the mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep.

Creating sleep crutches

When it is late and exhausted, you might attempt to do everything that will put your baby to sleep. Most try any method to make the baby sleep such as singing, walking, jumping, swinging, etc.

If you do this often, these small things will become your baby’s habit or sleep crutches. Although it does not seem an issue at first, it can become tiring over time and your baby cannot sleep without them.

Uncomfortable mattress

It is vital to choose a good-quality mattress when switching the baby from cot to bed. Remember that a comfortable mattress is vital so that your baby will get good sleep. If the bed is uncomfortable, it can disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Lack of routine

A good sleeping routine is vital for your baby. This is one of the mistakes by parents that can disrupt the sleep of their baby. A late routine will make your baby overtired and slightly hyperactive. Babies send out signals when tired or sleepy.

Some of the signs include yawning, eye rubbing, whining and sometimes fussing.

Putting the baby to sleep in any location

This is also a common mistake for most parents. Allowing your baby to sleep in the stroller, car seat or any other place other than his/her bed will make the child uncomfortable and will not go in a deep sleep.

The baby must sleep in a familiar area or a room where he/she takes a nap at the same time daily or take a portable bassinet with you.

Distraction at bedtime  

The baby should not be disturbed at night when he/she sleeps. Switching on the light in the middle of the night will disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Switch off the TV and make sure that the room is dark enough.

Quickly attending to the child

For new parents, it is an instinct to hold the child and soothe him/her once he/she cries. This is one of the typical mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep. Remember that it is natural for children to cry in their sleep. If you reach your child quickly, it will become a habit and they start to expect someone to come and soothe them.

Wait for a few minutes and note if crying without reason or hungry.

Utilizing a variety of sleep techniques

Some parents often use different techniques to put their babies to sleep. This might confuse the child, leading him/her to cry at bedtime.

Create a sleep routine for your baby during day time and night time.

Parents are not on the same page

Parents must discuss the techniques to help their baby fall asleep. Take note that parents must be united when improving the sleep of their baby.

Making sleep decisions in the middle of the night

Your baby must have a sleeping routine daily. Take note that the middle of the night waking is usually when most parents make a big mistake.

If you are going to give what your child needs every time he/she cries, the baby will learn that if he/she cries, he/she will get what he wants so he/she ends up doing it again.

Giving up early

Always remember that consistent behavior is the key to success. As one of the mistakes parents make that are ruining their baby’s sleep, you should not give up. If not consistent, you are likely to fail. When caring for your baby’s sleep, it requires consistency. Most new parents give up quickly, which can disrupt the sleep of their baby.

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