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10 Chinese Baby Names and Meanings

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Have you ever wanted your baby’s name to stand out in a crowd? Try mixing it up and dipping your toes into a different culture such as Chinese for a namesake! Chinese names symbolize ancient treasures, virtue, and years of valued heritage. Chinese names are incredibly diverse due to their history of different dynasties rising to power, religions like Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and different dialects used. Consider as well the fact that they’ve been one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, and you’ve got yourself a big melting pot that is called Chinese culture!

Chinese names are usually made up of two or three characters, that of which has been put into practice by the Japanese as well. The order is reversed, and these characters stand for the family name first, and then the first name. Separately, these characters mean different things but put together they form a different meaning, one that hopefully brings good luck and good fortune to the bearer of the name. Auspicious names are seen as the cornerstone of every individual’s personality, so it’s important to pick a good name.

This article will help you pick out the perfect Chinese name for your baby, as it’s complete with meanings of the individual characters, and the meanings of the names in full. Coupled with this article, some research on Chinese baby names will also do you good, and will help you in your journey of naming your future child! Read on and have a look!

A brief history of Chinese names for children

The meanings of their names have a very big significance in Chinese culture. It is believed that a well-selected name will bring the child respect and good fortune in his or her future, while a bad name will bring bad luck and a hard future. For boys, the traditional Chinese names connote strength and prosperity with a dash of virtues, while traditional Chinese names give a nod to the natural, to beauty and grace, and to have pleasing personalities. 

Chinese characters, on their own, have various meanings, and when combined, could give a whole other meaning to a name or string of words. That is why it is important to consult someone of the Chinese culture about your preferred baby name before setting it in stone and onto paper. Chinese names are revered and hold high significance in society, so it’s best to be sure and ask about different word combinations and character meanings before doing anything permanent.

Below are ten traditional and unique  Chinese baby names for girls and boys. You can also take a look at the Chinese meanings of each name here as well!

1. Li jun 

Li = Reason, Logic, Established. Jun = Talented, Handsome, King or Ruler. Together, Li Jun could mean a reasonable ruler or a logical and handsome king. With a name like this, your son has been set with a precedent of being a good leader in the future.

2. Wang xiu

Wang = King, Monarch. Xiu = Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant. Wang Xiu combined could mean a beautiful ruler or a queen. Just like Li Jun, this could set the precedent of your baby girl to become a great leader when she grows up.

3. Liu wei

 Liu = Destroy. Wei = Power, Pomp, High, Extraordinary. This name connotes a fierce and unrelenting spirit. Baby boys gifted with this name just might become powerful men someday!

4. Zhang min

– Zhang = To stretch, Extend, Archer. Min = Quick, Clever, Sharp. Girls gifted with this namesake may become smart and quick-witted, with a gift for words and reading.

5. Bolin

– This single-character name means “An elder brother of the rain”. Boys with this name are said to be gracious and patient like falling water, and that they will excel in academics.

6. Ai 

– This simple and sweet name for girls means quite literally “love”. This signifies that they will grow up to have a big heart full of love and compassion for others.

7. Chen

 – This boy’s name means “a great personality”. This could mean that the baby boy with this name bestowed upon him will grow up to have a pleasing personality, one that is engaging and kind.

8. Chu 

– This single-character name means “precious pearl”. This girl’s name could mean that, in the future, your baby girl will have attributes that make her as special and as beautiful as an ocean pearl.

9. Feng 

– This short name means “One who is like a Phoenix”. Alternatively, it also means “maple”. Given its double meanings, having Feng as your baby boy’s name could signify that he will rise like a creature of legend, or he will be as strong as the maple tree.

10. Gho

This offbeat name means “A responsible and inspirational being”. Gifting your baby girl with this name could give her the future traits of an enlightened person, as per Chinese belief. 

Chinese culture, as with any other culture you don’t actively participate in, deserves respect and high regard when being talked about in the context of names and signifiers. Names are important in any culture, and while it can be a quirky little thing for you, it can hold a heavy significance to those who practice it. Do your research, pay respect, and ask around for second and third opinions! It’s always great to get an insider and outsider’s view on baby names because you get to explore all of your choices.

Treating your baby’s name like it’s a gift is important, no matter which culture you belong to. It’s their name, the one they will use forever until they too have a child of their own. Think of it as a generational event in which you will be a big part of. This is why you should take naming your baby very seriously, and not just for the fun of it. As heavy as it sounds, this will be their future and your legacy in their lives, so make it count!

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