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Top 10 Beautiful and Unique Names That Means Grace for Babies

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Top 10 Beautiful and Unique Names That Means Grace for Babies

One of the important people in our lives is our baby. We wanted them to have a brighter future than what we have and we also want them to be blessed more than anything. It may be hard and quite a challenge to raise kids and toddlers because of their playful behavior but we still love them no matter what. Apart from being blessed, we want them to have a meaningful and joyous name. So, we plan and choose the right and unique names for babies.  

At some point, we may consider naming your baby girl with a flower-plant and theme name or even following some old-fashioned but still classic baby names. Meanwhile, for your baby boy, you might want to him after some fascinating Hebrew baby boy names or some warrior names for boys.  If you’re looking for a name that means grace for babies, we have enough ideas for you to jump in and recognize these beautiful and unique names that mean grace for babies. Whether it may be boy names that mean grace and mercy, biblical boys’ names that means grace, girl name meaning is chosen one or meaning of name grace in Hebrew. We’ll try to figure that out here! 

Top 10 Beautiful and Unique Names That Means Grace For Babies 

  • Anja

Running down in our first and top list is the name, Anja. This name came from Russia, German origin which means grace. It is considered as one of the most exotic names of several versions of Ann and Anna and has now being considered as the name Annika and Anya. This name will surely fit your baby girl in the prettiest, cutest and old sophisticated girl names way! 

  • Chana

Chana is a unique name that is something that you do not usually hear often. It is pretty cute and nice to pronounce! Channa is a name variation of Hannah and Channah. The name Chana means simply means “grace”  It is an original name from Hebrew. Looking through the survey, Chana has reached the spot and rank of 750 in 2018 among the parents who name their children after this name. It’s certainly one of those ladylike names! 

  • Esmond

If you’re having a baby boy, Esmond will be the right one for your baby. This name is used only for boys which means graceful protection. Sure it is, this name has a graceful meaning and even portrays a name that means strong not only for women but also for men. Origin of the name of Esmond is from the English era. This has been used to like some of those people in the royal community. So, if you’re eyeing to have a popular royal name for your baby, this one’s great for you! 

  • Evan

The name Evan is suited for your baby boy’s name! It is a Welsh which means “Yahweh is gracious” or “God is gracious”. Evan has a lot of mystery in-stored in its name. For instance, Evan is derived from the named “lean” which is a Welsh form of John’s name. It may be compared to Ivan, Juan and Ian’s name with grace in other languages and terms. Evan will be one of the perfect names for your baby! Plus, top it up with some graceful last names too!

  • Grace

You’re looking right through baby names that mean Grace. It is the meaning itself.  If you may not know, Grace is a beauty of form, mercy, eloquence and a lot more. This name came from the Latin era which means “Gratia” which means favor or thanks in English. Grace has been used through the ages and parents have trusted this name for ages. It is also somewhat referred to as divine grace and represents virtue and values through a person.  

  • Hea

Believe it or not, Hea is a girl name and is mostly for female Korean names. It is because this unique baby name came from Korea which means grace. However, other people seem not to consider this name for a baby because it’s quite a masculine name for a baby. Though, there are similar names that you could want for your baby girl. This name includes Keighley, Adda, Raiza, and Fredda. It may be alike but it somehow compliments.

  • Janos

Janos is a boy’s name which means God is gracious. This name is pretty unique for a boy’s name. You may not believe but this name originally came from the Hungarian variation of the name John. Pronounced as YAH-nosh, this name has a lot of nicknames like Jani, Jankia, or Janko. It may also actually be considered that this is a boy’s name which means respect. 

  • Lian

Lian is not a girl or boy’s name in particular. However, it is unisex for baby names. It is a traditional name for Chinese names which means the Lotus Flower. It may not be an odd thing to name for a baby girl or baby boy because this name could go together well with other name combinations. Go for this name if you’re still confused with the other names with the grace meaning in it. 

  • Sena

Sena is a female name which means it could fit your baby girl’s name. Sena has a beautiful name meaning hidden in its two-syllable baby girl name. From the Korean, Arabic, African and Hindi origin, Sena means “army; this world’s beauty or grace; bringing heaven to earth; to praise”. It is one of those girl names that mean elegant. With its charming charisma, Sena has a name variation too of Sienna. It is also a last name, place or location name, a kind of wine and many other things. Have you remembered Cinna from the Hunger Games? Well, Sena makes you remember such a name like this. 

  • Yann

Lastly, Yann. Yann is a male name which certainly means “God is gracious”. The actual origin of this name is French or Breton variation of the name John. Similarly, this is also a Jann name. Some nicknames for the name Yann are Yanick, Yanis, and Yannig. On the other hand, Yann has also a counterpart for a girl’s name which is Yanna, Johanne, Joanne, and Yohan. You might want to have this name for your baby boy as it is pretty easy to name to pronounce and remember. You can play with this name’s pronunciation tool. Pronouncing it as “J-an” or “Ya-an” wouldn’t somehow make any big difference to be remembered by the people.


There is still a lot of names that you can consider with the names Grace. It is actually up to you what kind of name you should follow to name your baby. Always remember and keep in mind that your baby might have the name Grace or God is Gracious in between and among the syllables of his or her name, but the most important thing is you being with their side.  

Family date nights and bonding are the most important thing you could share with them. Note that, it is one way on how to strengthen their child growth and development and can comprehend with their attitude, behavior, and values. It may be hard to tack up and tight everything up for your family’s time but if you are really after your child’s happiness, nothing will eventually force you to stop doing this for your kids.  

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