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Arabic Baby Names with Beautiful Meanings that You Should Consider for your Little One

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Do you know that our parents select names according to their inspiration? Some look up the family tree and get the names of the famous, great, and brilliant ancestors. Some take the names of movie characters but some follow the cultural practices of selecting the baby name. The Arab names are poetic. The Arabs are not only conscious of the meanings of a name but also how the syllables sound. They love a melodic roll of the names that fit the elements of the being.

When choosing Arab names, you should know that there are two versions- the pre and post-Islam. The Islamic names are those derived from nature, occupation, and characteristics while the post-Islamic names are influenced by the 99 attributes of Allah and Islam.

The article will give you the different meaningful Arabic baby names that can be perfect for your new little one:

Names Origin and meaning Famous namesakes
Aaron Arabic origin means thicken, forest, and strength. In Hebrew, it means inspired, lofty and high mountain In the bible, Aaron is the brother of Moses, who became the first priest of Israelites. He is known to bring the miraculous staff that can turn into a snake. ·Aaron Copland (composer), ·Aaron Eckhart (actor), ·Aaron Sorkin (Screen Writer), ·Hank Aaron (Hall of Fame baseball player) ·Aaron Burr (Former Vice President)
Ali The name means the greatest lion of God. Trusted by God and the one who shows the attributes of God.   Mohamed Ali (1769-1849), the governor and ruler of Egypt that founded the Mohammed Ali Pasha Dynasty that is often referred to as the founder of modern Egypt.
Hud A Muslim prophet Son of John Mellencamp, songwriter, and singer
Aaliyah It means heaven, highborn, and exalted. Aaliyah, singer
Amenah Means truthful, trustworthy, Faithful and Honest Woman
Habib Means beloved, darling, lover, and dearly. Often, Habib is used as a term of endearment by adding the letter “I” at the end. In Hebrew, Habib means dearly love the person Abdel Boalem, Actor
Abdel It means a servant and slave of Allah. The name is typically followed by an adjective that describes an attribute of Allah in the Islamic faith The beauty of using the name Abdel is you tend to identify God by one of his ninety-nine names, i.e. Abdel Hakim, where Hakim means wise, Joining the two names will say “servant of the wise.”
Gadiel It means God is my wealth. It is also derived from describing a twisted rope, way, mood, country, state, tribe, a plait of hair.
Hafsah Hafsah is the trusted wife of prophet Mohammed. After the prophet’s death, she became the keeper of the only written copy of the Holy Quran. HafsahFaizal, bestselling author
Fadil Described as Virtuous, excellent, superior, favor, eminent, grace, distinguished Fadil Berisha, Famous Photographer Fadil El Ghoul, Song producer
A’idah A reward that is given because of something good was done Aida El-Ayoubi, Egyptian famous songwriter and singer
Hanifa A true believer Dr. HanifaShabazz, President of Wilmington Council
Haroun Al Rachid Lofty and inspired. He is the caliphate of Bagdad and the contemporary of France’s Charlemagne. In his time, Baghdad was known to be the largest city and the most prominent place in the world
Khairudin A good faith
HusamAl-Din Meaning the sword of faith or religion. Husam Al-Din was the sultan of Egypt in 1299
Jaspar It means the keeper of the treasure. The name become popular because of the tale of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp Jaspar Weir, an entrepreneur, and co-founder of TaskUs
Karima Described to be generous, noble-born lady or daughter Karima Westbrook, television actress
Kasim He is the controller of anger. In Islam, it means a defender, divider, committed, gift and protector Dr. Kasim Al- Mashat, founder of Center for Mindfulness in Canada and TED Talk Speaker
Mahala It means powerful, gentle, and progressive. It also connotes a character of being tender and loving. Mahala Jackson, Singer
Nasim It means a breeze of fresh air. In Egypt, they celebrate a spring festival called Sham el Nasim in commemoration of the Pharaonic spring and Nile festivals NasimPedrad, Actress
Rafa Means happy, enlightening, ready to shine, to flutter Happy, lightening, to shine, to wave RafaBenetiz, former football manager of Chelsea, Liverpool and Real Madrid
Rafika A companion, a friend
Riyad It means a garden with abundant rain and water. Riyadh is the Capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia RiyadKarimMahrez, a professional football player that plays as a winger for Premier League club Manchester City
Rouchdy Someone who gives counsel, guidance, gives reasons with a high level of maturity and integrity  
Sabir A characteristic of being patient, enduring, and persevering Rafiq Sabir, Kurdishpoet Sabir Muhammad, Champion Swimmer
Sakinah Someone that has the God-inspired peace of mind. The name origin is from the word soon which means tranquility
Samirah A good confidante that is entertaining Samira Wiley, Actress
Tahu One that is pure in himself and who purifies others. The name also refers to anything used to purify and clean, such as water.
Taruh Someone happy, remote, and forsaken. The person examines a situation carefully and wants to offer for discussion
Yavin Means comfortable, simple, homely and small
Zaida One that is self-denying, ascetic, abstemious. When the intonation is placed on the second syllable, the meaning becomes moderate, little, trivial, insignificant Zaida Catalan, a Swedish politician, and leader of Young Greens Sweden
Zainabu Someone lucky and bountiful. In auction sales, they use the word as a term that means to outbid another bidder. ZainabuJallo, scholar, playwright, and photographer

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