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12 Unique and Magnificent Wood Names for Baby Boys

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12 Unique and Magnificent Wood Names for Baby Boys

Trees and woods are strong, beautiful and sustainable of life, not just for the natural world. One tree can give supply oxygen for four people for a day. The steady the soil, soak up toxic gases from the air and offer us the resources we need to construct and write things.   

It’s no surprise that cultures for thousands of years have respected woods as sacred and symbolical. Isn’t it cool enough to have wood names for baby boys? And why not? In the end, life and strength and deep-rooted are excellent characters to honor.

Like Willow, Cedar, Juniper, Aspen, and Ash are some of the popular tree names for boys, which suit right in the earthy baby names trend right now. However, there’s a more subtle classification as well, names that mean woods and forest, but certainly, don’t shout wood or tree.

If that’s the name you’re pining for, then check out our list below.


Came from a French last name which means “oak tree grove.” Only one in 10,000 acorns will become an oak tree and so, this male tree name perfectly epitomizes the wonder of your little child’s existence.


This is one of the nature names for boys which means “oak tree” in Hebrew. There are about 600 varieties of oak trees such as white, black and red oaks, so picking this fist name is like a festival of multiplicity.


The name was deemed a sacred tree in the Slavic mythology. This is lovely for a tropical baby, especially for June and July. The Polish and Croatian names for those months came from lipa, a Slavic word which means Linden tree.


We all know that Firth is a Scottish sea loch, but also, it’s an Old English for ‘woodland.”


Though the literal meaning of Koa is “warrior,” Acacia Koa is also the name of the blossoming tree native in Hawaii. The woods are highly expected that are banned from any people’s own expectations for the Hawaiian monarchy.


In Viking mythology, this is amongst the cool tree names which mean tree of life. There are various versions of this name that you could as well such as, Ashton, Ashleigh, Ashwyn, and Ashley.


Although this one is of the masculine nature names that have a medieval feel to it, it’s a very modern discovery, as a name. It’s a Cornish word which means “oak tree.”


This is a famous Scottish name derived in Normandy, which means ‘willow woods’.


This English last name means “pilgrim”, but it derives from the Latin “Palma.” The Pilgrims to the Holy Land often bring palm leaves as gifts from their travel, thus becoming “palmers.”


Originated the “Perrie,” this Middle English word means pear tree, which many various civilizations signify prosperity and long life. In fact, the primeval Chinese utilized the pear tree as an emblem of eternity. 


This is a name for willow tree, ideal for when you love your trees and woods beautiful, but your baby nature names for boys short and cute. Willows are quick-growing trees around 8ft. a year, so this baby’s name sums up the way your little child will succeed.


In Celtic mythology, this is one of the names that mean tree or forest which means Tree of Life. It’s considered to be good luck to grow a Rowan tree near your home, as it signifies wisdom, courage, and protection. 

Wood names for baby boys are the perfect honor to nature, strength, long life and splendor. Thus, if you have thrown shade at all names you have previously considered of, who knows you might be shoot to one of these tree-mendous name choices. 

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