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10 Great Olympic Names for Babies

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10 Great Olympic Names for Babies

Soon to be parents find it exciting to finally think of a name to give to their upcoming new baby. However, it is never easy and it can be stressful to finally think about the name they should give to them. Sometimes, friends and relatives give opinions and even criticize you when you tell them your idea. That’s why parents usually just research on their own and reveal the name afterward when it’s final. For parents who want to give a little twist on a usual cute baby name, a more charming and long-live name would fit the baby not just now but also when he or she finally becomes an adult. With that in mind, looking for baby’s names that resemble great Olympians can be a good idea and they might want to check it out. Olympic baby names might be the one you are looking for. 

To help parents make up their minds, here are some recommended, famous, and great Olympic baby names that you can give to your little one.


This unique and adorable Olympic baby name for a girl was from the snowboarder Arielle Gold. It’s a Hebrew name which means “Lion of God”. This rare but definitely charming name is a good idea if you want something that’s not very common. It fits your baby girl’s cuteness and it is something she can still carry on even when she grows up. A nice name that will leave a mark because it is not very common.


This name was inspired by the US curling team member Trevor Andrews. It is a Welsh name and it means “from the big settlement”. This is masculine and manly for a baby boy. It would fit a baby boy’s name and when he becomes an adult as well, it still fits well. This name option is quite a nice idea that parents can think about.


This adorable name was inspired by Alana Nichols in the Para-Alpine skiing. It’s charming and unique. It also has a very nice meaning in Old German which means “precious”. It reflects much about how you feel about your little baby girl, a precious one. This rare name is something that she can carry on until adulthood. It gives a feminine yet brave vibe to it. Surely fits your baby girl. 


This short cool name was inspired by Patrick Kane in Olympic hockey. Although it is his last name, this name stands out as something that can be made into a nice short name for a baby boy. The name Kane is an Irish name which means “battle”. It fits well with your baby if you have a back story of how brave he is. Kane would be a nice and meaningful name for him. But if you don’t have any tremendous story when he was still in his mother’s womb, Kane would still be a good idea. It can also be a nice first name which can be followed by a second name. If you are looking for a short yet cool and unique name that can be an easy nickname, Kane is definitely a great idea. 


Ingrid Marcum is a Team USA bobsledder. Consider the name Ingrid for your baby girl; your hubby may like that it means “hero’s daughter” in the Teutonic tradition. 

The stylish vibe in this name was inspired by Ingrid Marcum, a Team USA bobsledder. This surely fits well when your baby is already an adult which she will be most of her life than being a toddler. This Olympic baby name for girls would be a great idea, especially for their dads. Fathers will be glad to know that the meaning of Ingrid is “hero’s daughter” in the Teutonic tradition. It is a nice name for your precious little darling. 


Adrian might be a little common compared to other suggested names but this name never goes out of style. It reflects a very masculine and good man’s name. This was on the list for Olympic baby names because it was inspired by a bobsledder for Team USA, Adrian Adams. Adrian is a Latin name, which means “a person from Northen Italy or Hadria”. This nice and very manly name surely will fit your strong precious baby boy.  


This simple yet classic name was inspired by the figure skater Meryl Davis but is also very famous because of the Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep. It is an English name which means “shining sea”. If you’re in for a simple yet classic Olympic baby name for your little baby girl, then Meryl would be a nice fit.


This traditional yet classic name was inspired by the hockey player Josephine Pucci. This is a French name that means “God will increase”. If you love a traditional twist on your little baby girl, then Josephine would be a nice Olympic-inspired baby name.  


This unique name is rising in popularity. It was inspired by Dayton Neil that will compete in curling in Sochi. Dayton is an English name which means “day’s settlement”. It is also inspired bu a city name. If you are looking for a hot baby name that spells manly at the same time for your precious son, then Dayton is a nice idea. 

Maia and Alex 

The last suggestion is a special one. This combination is perfect for boy-girl twins if you are expecting one. These two names are inspired by the Shibutani siblings who are going to compete in the ice dance category. Maia is a Greek name that means “great”, while Alex is a short name for Alexander which is a Greek name that means “defender of mankind”. These meaningful names are good ideas for your twins or you can even pick one if you are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. These two are definitely Olympic-inspired baby names. More so, if your baby will happen to be a good athlete in the future!

The top 10 recommended Olympic baby names listed above are good ideas for parents out there who are looking for chic and charming names for their babies. They will never go wrong with these nice ideas that are carefully-picked. Parents can as well, research more of other nice ideas and themes that they want for their baby’s names. They will surely enjoy discovering many names and learning their meanings. Then they can finally decide on the best pick they have. 

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