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Attitude Nicknames Perfect for Your Handsome Prince

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Attitude Nicknames Perfect for Your Handsome Prince

Belonging to the millennial era, boys and girls are now making nicknames for themselves on their own. Boys who are on to online games are making their identity by some attitude names for PUBG or cool character names for boys. Are you familiar with putting nicknames on messenger? Well, sometimes teenagers put funny nicknames for their guy friends or girlfriends. Social media like Instagram also have users with creative names and there are also attitude names for Instagram for boys and even attitude names for Instagram for girls. 

Are you looking for cool nicknames for guys? Here, we have listed some nicknames with attitude for boys with meaning that may sound more like gangster nicknames for guys. 

Nicknames with attitude for boys


Are you familiar with the cartoon Pokemon? Well, Ash is the hero of Pokemons so it has been one of the nicknames for boys with attitude. This can be a strong shortened form of the name Asher and has a Southern appeal to boys.


This nickname sounds like a threatening shortened formed of the name Axel which was given to more than 3000 baby boys in the past year. 


This is a minimal name or nickname that is popular in Denmark with a cowboy swagger appeal.  


This nickname can be perfect for your dashing boy which can also stand on its own. This nickname can be connected with Kardashian enterprises. Who knows?


This is a trending nickname because of its X-ending sound which entered the Top 1000 the last year 2007. This nickname has a science-fiction vibe for it came out as a fictional character in the Star Trek universe.


Belonging to the cool nicknames for boys, Dex can also stand on its own but it can be a shortened form of Dexter. This was also chosen by Dana Carvey, a comedian, for his son.


Another nickname belonging to the nicknames for boys with attitude is the nickname Iggy. It can be a shortened form of the name Ignatius which Cate Blancett uses for her son. 


This nickname can belong to the list of badass nicknames for guys as Actor Kit Harington made it famous and appealing for boys. Actor Kit Harington played the role of Jon Snow at the movie series Game of Thrones. 


It can be a shortened form of the Latin name, Maximillian which originated from the Roman name Maximus. This nickname was also famous for the children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are. 


Mac and Mc is a nickname that means “son of” in Ireland and Scotland. It can also be a shortened form cooler than either Matt or Max.


This nickname for boys may sound like one of the friendliest and open regular nicknames like Joe. 


The nickname Monty is a cool vintage nickname for boys that can give off a World War II feel. This nickname, however, is rarely used on its own.


Nico is a common nickname in Italy and it is used as a shortened form of the Italian name, Niccolo. This nickname is one of the most charming, cool and great nicknames for boys.


In America, this nickname will give rise to ruby slippers and a yellow brick road but this is a lawful Hebrew name that gives power. The Hebrew name for this is Ozni who was the grandson of Jacob. 


This may be one of the funny nicknames for boys for it may remind some of a Teletubby but in Italy, it means “a river”.


This nickname can also stand on its own along with some British names that have an upbeat sound. The Welsh nickname, Wyn, can also be an alternative for this nickname. 


This nickname is also an ancient Biblical name that can sound like a friendly cowboy. 


This nickname can be an alternative of Zack which is cooler. It is also a shortened form of the name Ezekiel who is an important prophet from the Old Testament of the Bible. 


It may sound like a jokey nickname like Ziggy Stardust or Ziggy who is a comic-strip character.   

Can you tell us your wonderful and cool nickname? 

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