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12 Most Appealing Designer Baby Names for Your Baby

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12 Most Appealing Designer Baby Names for Your Baby

1,2,3, strike a pose! Whether it was clothes, pieces of jewelry or different styles and trends every year, admit it that we are all waiting for famous fashion designers to set the trends then we will all bustle to the stores to buy their amazing, beautiful creations. Meanwhile, we all know that unique baby names nowadays are inspired by different things. It can be celebrity baby names, glamourous female names, stylish baby names and others. Other baby boy names and baby girl names are names that are inspired by cities, inspired by movies or even inspired by astrology. 

Designer baby names for babies are also being popular nowadays for they represent luxurious baby names perfect for you if you are a fashionista or a fashion enthusiast. If you are the type of parent that loves to style up, to wear fashionable clothes, the names of some talented fashion designers are cool for your baby who would go after you. Names inspired by designers may also be names that mean work of art because of the art they create. 

Fashionable designer baby names

Yes, you can use designer baby names for your babies to solve your dilemma of naming your child. Of course, I am sure you know the name, Calvin Klien and this represents that fashion is not only about complying the status quo but making your own rules. If you are looking for a name that can inspire your baby boy or baby girl to take the runway, we have listed some of the names that may mean fashionista or the designer baby names for babies. Let’s start! 


The name Adele is the first on the list of our designer baby names for babies. The name Adele belongs to one of the most successful and famous American fashion designer, Adele Simpson. Adele Simpson was born on December 8, 1903, in New York, New York, US. Unfortunately, Adele died on August 23, 1995. However, her works remained adored and praised by new generation fashion designers nowadays. This name is also a French name that means “good humor” which is perfect for an Adele fan!


Are you a make-up enthusiast? Oh-just thinking about the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, it’s already relaxing and fulfilling! Your daughter can have this hip and a luxurious name inspired by the famous Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Arden is known worldwide for her unique innovative beauty products, skincare, make-ups, and perfumes. She is a Canadian businesswoman who founded Elizabeth Arden, Inc. and a cosmetic empire in the States. Her works definitely ruled the world because it is still one of the best nowadays. 


Versace on the floor! One of the unique baby girl names goes with the daughter of the world’s famous fashion designer, Donatella Versace. The name Allegra can go perfect for your daughter as well which is inspired by another world’s famous fashion designer. Donatella Versace is the artistic director of the Versace Group since the year 1997. She was born in Italy in the year 1955 and was inspired to enter the world of fashion because of her mother who was a dressmaker and her older brother who was a budding designer. 


Alessandra is known to be a Brazilian name but is also the name of the world’s famous, fashionable and fabulous Alessandra Ambrosio. The name Alessandra may belong to some list of alternative baby names but for fashion enthusiasts, this name is a very important name in the industry. Alessandra Ambrosio, born on April 11, 1981, is a Brazilian model who became famous for her work with the trendy Victoria’s Secret. She also modeled for famous brands like Armani Exchange and Ralph Lauren. 


Another unique designer baby name for babies especially for baby girls on the list, is Anais. The name Anais is an exotic name that means “‘grace” but this name actually belongs to the famous London and Paris-based fashion designer, Anais Bordier. Meanwhile, Anais Bordier also became famous because of her story with her twin sister, SamathaFuterman, who was a South-Korean whom she was separated at birth. 


Gucci nicknames are famous nowadays along with Vogue. Who wouldn’t know about Anna Wintour? The name Anna, although common for some, is a fabulous name inspired by the British-American journalist and editor, Anna Wintour. With the real name of Dame Anna Wintour, she was the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine since 1988 and the artistic director of Condé Nast since 2013. Anna Wintour was praised for her unique style and she became the idol of many younger fashion designers. 


Yes, Celine if sone of the famous brands to name your baby. The name Celine is the brand name of the product of the designer couple Celine and Richard, Vipiana. We all know that Celine is one of the first luxury brands and trends still nowadays. Celine is a made-to-measure children’s shoe business by the married couple long ago and has its first boutique in Paris. 


A common baby name that goes with different origins. It may be a Hebrew name, a Greek name, an Italian name or an American name but for fashion enthusiasts, the name Alexander belongs to the famous British designer, Alexander McQueen. He was born on March 17, 1969, and he worked as a chief designer at Givenchy in the years 1996 to 2001. Meanwhile, he founded his own label named after him which made him earn different Designer of the Year awards through the years. 


The name Boden is a trendy name for baby boys nowadays and is inspired by the British clothing brand founded by Johnnie Boden. Well, this name may also sound strong and can belong to the list of thug baby names for boys, the label Boden is a famous clothing brand, especially in men’s clothing. The company sells in different countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Germany. 


Of course, the list of the designer baby names for babies wouldn’t be complete with this name. Before anything else, the name Calvin actually means “bald” and “hairless”. As mentioned earlier, this name goes with the famous global brand Calvin Klein which came from its own founder. Calvin Klein is known for its sophisticated and modern apparel styles for both men and women, handbags, footwear, underwear and perfumes. Who wouldn’t want this attractive name for their baby boy? 


Carter may belong to the list of fashionable last names but it may also be a baby boy’s first name which is actually unique. The name Carter is the brand name of the classical kids’ clothing especially for boys since the 90s. The brand Carter has been founded by the designer William Carter. Well, everyone sees the brands Carter and OshKoshB’gosh in different department stores, right? 


Last but not the least among the designer baby names for babies is the name, Hardy. Who wouldn’t know about the brand Ed Hardy? This brand is a quirky fashion brand that strives to empower free-spirited people and express their unique selves with conviction and creativity. The name Hardy is a German name that means “bold” and “brave”.

Ready to set the runway on fire with your baby? We hope that these names helped you solve your dilemma and made you choose the perfect name that suits your fashionable baby!

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